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A Proud Wife

So a few really neat things have happened lately and I'm just squeezing in time between finals and presentations to inform you all! Since I'm yet to have a child to brag about and need to make sure I keep my brag skills up to par for when we finally do pop some out....I thought it was appropriate for me to take a sec. and brag about my sweet husband. He is such a hard worker in all that he does... and let me tell ya... he's got quite the variety of 'stuff' under his belt that he excels at. Well, Friday night, we had the chance to not only overindulge in a delicious meal at Timbermine... but also to spend time with his family and teammates at the football banquet. J.D. is.. to say the least.. pretty much a stud on the football field.. and had a really good year this past season. If he knew I was writing about him, he would kill me. (So don't tell him) So...to our pleasant surprise... J.D. earned the Defensive MVP for his stellar performances last fall... woohoo babe:)

But I was well aware of these particular talents before we got hitched... and though I am extremely grateful for his athletic abilities... I've just recently discovered what a lucky girl I really am! My hubby knows how to basket-weave...yes out of twine. He's a pretty nifty guy to have around the house. I got to witness his skills first hand on Friday night. He's a man of many trades and boy do I feel blessed. He's the sweetest boy a girl could ask for and I get to love him for all of the eternities! What about you girls... I'm sure all your husbands have tricks up their sleeves that don't come out until after the big day.... Here is your perfect time to brag about the man you all love so much!


The Three of Us.... said...

Micah...It's Beth Morris (now Wilson). How's it going???? I came across your blog and thought I would say hi! Check out our blog if you get a min...jbandc.blogspot.com!

Rory & Lori said...

Micah you are so funny! That's awesome that he got that award! Tell him congrats! Hope everything's going well for you guys!

mindy said...

oh my gosh. that is awesome!! maybe he would kill you if he knew you wrote that :)

but i learned something bout my fiance the day after our first date, and i STILL haven't spilled his secret talent. (crocheting) :)

too funny! sounds like you've got quite a guy!!!