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Finals are over... finally

I was actually done with all my finals and presentations by last Friday... but J.D. finished today and boy am I happy about it! Probably more than him even:) I can finally get my husband back so we can do some fun things before we head up to his ranch in Montana for the entire month of May! We are so excited tho! He loves being up there... he's such a country boy it cracks me up! I'm so glad this semester is over... even though I start summer school in about 12 days... at least they are all online:) Now all the summer fun in the sun can begin!
This was last summer when we went boating at the Manti Lake and rode a lil motorcycle around town... so much fun!


mindy said...

oh man. just went through to get a glimpse of all yer posts! looks like you guys are doing great!!! yay for getting married & being married :)

The Birch Family said...

Have fun in Montana! Summer school sucks but at least you dont have to sit in class.

Case said...

congrats on finals being over! that is the best feeling in the world! I'm jealous that you get to live on a ranch for a whole month! that sounds like so much fun, and so relaxing!!

Melissa said...

Geez you are tan!!! I'm jealous...you guys will have a blast in Montana