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My Little Handyman

So about a week ago, we finally had our first little thing go wrong that we had to fix since we've been married... and J.D. really pulled through! We live in an older basement apartment... so of course we don't have a disposal in our kitchen sink. I never knew how amazing those things were until we moved into this place! So I was doin a bunch of dishes one night and I accidentally let some beans and who knows what else go down the drain... bad idea. It got all plugged up and it wasn't until like three days later that I went to get some draino so we could get the dang thing fixed. I thought the water would just finally go down cause it had kinda done that before... but it never did. It just kept getting worse. We even had to stack all our dishes on the counter and I finally resorted to taking them all into the bathroom so we could wash them while we were in the shower! We were pretty desperate but we didn't have to resort to that... I finally got a hold of some draino but that alone didn't do the trick... So J.D. pulled the whole..."I have an idea" thing.. and whips out the plunger... don't worry we had never used it... just J.D.'s little brother had. haha. So first of all we had to clean off the plunger in the bath tub cause we were just grossed out... and let's not forget that some poop water got on our rug in there so we also added "wash the rug now" to the To-Do list. So we threw that in... finished up washing off the plunger... and headed to the kitchen. He started plungin' away and it seemed to be working! The water even started tornado-ing down the drain like I remembered my bath water doing when I was just a tot... Well we got really excited and were pleased with our handy man skills and then J.D. decided to give it one more good plunge just for good measure. This was the funniest part... the other side of the sink still had water in it and the pressure plunged the water ALL OVER US! So we were covered in draino/queso/gunky water and were laughing hysterically on the kitchen floor. It worked though! Our drain is fixed and I'm positive that my little handyman could fix anything now... seems he's already mastered the whole plunger thing:)


Case said...

I love how he looks so proud of himself in that last picture...I was really hoping for a picture of you guys all covered in nasty water!!

marc and katherine purser said...

I was laughing so hard! And still chuckling! That is so hilarious! I love it! HA! Thanks for brightening my day! I can totally see the same thing happening to me and Marc!

Sky & Steph said...

Haha what an awesome story!! Sounds like you guys handled it pretty well, I wouldn't have been the best sport probably :(

P.S. Where did you get your super cute backround? I really want to change mine and I want something like yours but I can't find any like that anywhere!!