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We're Moving!

Yes it's true... our landlord sold their house so we have a WEEK to find a place! ahh. I don't think it could have been worse timing! So if anyone knows of a cute little place that we could call home... let me know! I'll be on the house hunt for the next few days... oh what a joy!
This is how I feel about the situation! haha. No it will be ok... once we find a place!


Girls' Night:)

It's been awhile! I'll give you a little recap... I was totally missin' my hubby when he was still in Montana and I had to come back for work.... so i had to have a little fun to pass the time:) I never hang out with my girlfriends anymore... unless I'm at conditioning or practice for volleyball... so I decided it was about time for a girls' night! Cosy.. my sister-in-law.. and one of my besties Jocilyn decided to go out to Olive Garden and then have a slumber party at my place! It was so much fun to be with the girls and we even did our toes all cute and made some scrumptious cookies... granted I ate all of them except for one... I was with some serious health nuts! It was fun nonetheless though. We always look our best when there are no boys around... that is definitely my favorite part! I also got to spend Saturday with my darling Mom and sister Haley at my cousin, Brittney's baby shower. It was so fun to hang out with them! I love hanging out at my parents' house and definitely took it for granted when I still lived at home! I have the best family ever:] Anyways... I'm sure glad J.D. is back... life is so much sweeter with him around!

Sorry you have to look at my feet.... but Cosy's sure are cute!