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typical morning

up here on the ranch we've kinda got our mornings figured out. jd wakes up around 6 or 6:30 to head to the shop and work on the saddles he's building. jonnie usually hears him scurrying around and starts yelling 'MOM' from her crib so jd grabs her and brings her into bed with me. i LOVE this snuggle time with little miss jonnie belle. we sleep for another hour or so before her head pops up and she's ready to go. two bowls of cereal always follows this without fail. one is never enough for the both of us. then we play. run around in undies.... (me pjs.....her undies)... it only lasts a couple hours before she wants her diaper back on but she does potty in her toilet without many accidents anymore. just can't get herself to make the big switch. then we watch franklin. little bear. shows of that sort. toys are always covering our living room floor but that's ok. she loves to sing the clean up song as we pick up before we head up to the main house for lunch. sometimes we skip this step if she is too anxious to see the horses and grandma... but most days we try to remember. she really loves it up here. a country girl through and through. i wonder if jr will have a love for horses and the country life like jd and jonnie do. it's definitely growing on me. the mere tranquility of it all makes me want to stay forever. i can see why people choose to live this way. 11 more weeks and our schedule will change up a bit. lots less sleeping. lots more diaper changing. lots less playing one on one. lots more practice being a big sister and not the baby of the fam. this is why i wouldn't care if these 11 weeks drug on forever. even though i know the little guy will create a whole new routine that we'll quickly grow to love and adore like this one. until then..... i'm going to enjoy our typical morning.
i can't help but love her little buns in undies. she is getting so skinny and tall these days. growing up too fast.
she loves taking care of her babies. every once in a while she will get frustrated and just chuck em though. we are hoping she doesn't do this with the little guy. 
just riding taco and making her new favorite expression. quite the personality this one. we now carry on full conversations and she is the funniest little thing. sometimes i wish i could just freeze time. she's in such a cute stage. i'll be sure and hug her a little longer. speak to her a little kinder. and memorize the way she says things. like 'bess you' when we sneeze. and 'ohh sawy' when she toots. and 'doodness' when we cough. sure do love our lil mama. 


28 weeks

I'm sure most people in the blog world forget that I'm preggo since I don't have too many pictures this time around.... and that is FINE! It seems like the 2nd time around my 'bigness' is just not as cute as the 1st time so I fail to document it....kinda on purpose. But I know that I'll be mad when I look back because I always look back to when I was pregnant with Jonnie to compare. So here I am in all my glory at 28 weeks. I can't believe I only have 12 weeks left. This little man can stay in and roast as long as he'd like! I can't imagine what it's going to be like once he's here.... Jonnie keeps me PLENTY busy her lil ole self. I really am excited though... just not amazingly impatient like I was with Jonnie. I'll try and do a little better of documenting these last few months:)


Tampa Christmas

Just so we don't forget.... this is how we spent our Christmas in Tampa this year. Jonnie and I got out there on the night of the 22nd. We couldn't imagine spending the holidays without JD even if Christmas was in a hotel with almost no presents. We had a wonderful little Christmas with our family and wouldn't have done it any other way! The 23rd we headed to the mall so we could feel some Christmas spirit. We had a little ornament made so we would always remember what a unique Christmas it really was. 
Christmas Eve we went out to eat for 'linner' then got some goodies to munch on that night as we did our Christmas Eve traditions of reading the scriptures, some Christmas stories, and letting Jonnie open her PJ's. We finished up the night watching Shrek with Jonnie and headed to bed.
 Christmas morning Jonnie had 2 little presents to open from Santa then we had a yummy breakfast and got ready for the beach. Since we figured we'd probably never again spend Christmas day at the beach we made the most of it and it turned out to be so much fun! We definitely learned how insignificant presents really are in the grand scheme of things and realized how family traditions really do make or break the holiday season. 
Don't worry, Jonnie did have a normal Christmas of opening presents once we got back to Utah and Montana the first week of January.... only now she thinks Christmas happens multiple times a year!

 All in all it was wonderful to be together as a family.... Can't wait til next year! 

2010 in a nutshell......sort of

Since 2010 was such a crazy year for us, I figured I better do a monthly recap for our sake or we might never remember what a whirlwind it really was! So this might be a little boring for all of you.... but much needed for our family to be able to look back on:) Here goes!

-JD finished up the Dolphins season playing in the final home game against the Steelers.

-Visited Utah and Montana for 3 weeks before heading back to Miami by Feb. 1st.
-JD built his first saddle.
-JD's off-season workouts started the day after we got back.
-Aunt Mary came out to visit us in Miami and we had fun seeing new places with her. 

-At the end of February we took a weekend trip to Stillwater, OK to visit the vet school at Oklahoma State and loved it!
-We Celebrated Jonnie's 1st Birthday with all of our friends.
-Mom Folsom & Cosy came out to visit for Cosy's Birthday.
-Mom Lines came out to visit us as well. (We LOVED having family in town!)
-Off-season workouts ended.
-Lots of days spent playing at the beach and pool.
-OTA's started the middle of May and lasted a month.

-Headed to Utah and Montana to visit once OTA's were over. JD was out there for 5 weeks and Jonnie and I for 7 weeks.
-Back and forth between Utah and Montana.
-Folsom family reunion in Heber at the end of July.
-Dolphins training camp started July 31st so JD headed back a couple days before that and Jonnie and I headed to Centerville with my family once the Folsom family reunion was over.
-Found out I was pregnant with #2 while JD was in camp.
-Surprised him with the news when we headed out there the middle of August with Cosy.
-Had fun cheering JD on in the pre-season games... which were a little HECTIC with Jonnie girl this year. We spent lots of time in the family lounge.
-JD turned 26 on the 19th.

September: (FYI- It all gets crazy from here on out)
-Pre-season ended on the 4th and JD was released by the Dolphins.
-Mom Folsom flew out the next day to help us pack and drive back west where JD could work while we waited to see if another team was going to sign him.
-That same day (the 5th), the Chicago Bears called and signed JD to the practice squad so they flew him out an hour after Mom Folsom arrived in Miami.
-Mom and I (with the awesome help of our Florida friends) packed up our apartment that night and then next day and took headed to Chicago on the 7th. She drove the Altima while Jonnie and I drove the truck.
-Oh yeah... I spent my 22nd birthday packing up our stuff on the 6th!
-Once we got to Chicago two days later, we flew Dad Folsom out to drive with Mom in the truck back to Montana with the bulk of our stuff.  We kept the Altima and all the necessities with us in Chicago.
-Spent a day downtown Chicago and went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and Cubs stadium.
-We were in Chicago for 2 weeks before JD was released so that same day we drove 26 hours straight back to Montana.
-We were in Montana for a week before JD was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

-I headed to Utah after dropping him off at the Idaho Falls airport and spent a week with my family before heading out to Tampa with Jonnie.
-We were there for a week, then JD was released after someone got hurt.
-We made a short trip to Orlando to visit Disney world before flying out.
-We headed back west and spent a week in Utah then Montana.

-We found out we were having a little BOY.
-JD was signed by the Arizona Cardinals a week after we got back up to Montana.
-I dropped him off at the Idaho Falls airport once again and drove back to Centerville that day.
-JD was there for a few days before we flew him back to Utah on Halloween for trick-or-treating and to drive back to AZ with Jonnie and me the next day.
-We had a blast staying in G-Ma Lines' 'garage lodge' for the first week we were there.
-Had fun seeing all our extended family at my Dad's Birthday Bash and Grandma's house.
-Went and stayed at Aunt Mary's for the next week that we were there before JD was released.
-Drove back to Utah and a day later JD had to fly out to Denver for a workout with the Broncos. 
-He came back the next day and we headed back up to Montana.
-There for a few days before we were heading back to Idaho Falls airport so JD could head to Washington D.C. for a workout with the Redskins.
-He came back the night of 'THE blizzard of all blizzards' and we were so excited to spend Thanksgiving in UT together with my family where we ate WAY too much of my mom's yummy food!

-We headed back up to Montana a couple days after Thanksgiving before JD was signed back by Miami so we did the dreaded Idaho Falls route to Utah once again.

-JD was back with the Dolphins for a week while one of their linebackers was banged up. He got back to UT on the 7th so we were able to celebrate our 3 year anniversary on the 8th at Rodizio Grill and I was so excited he was back home with me on our special day:)
-A couple days later we headed back up to Montana to cut down our Christmas tree. The next day he was signed back by the Tampa Bay Buccs but this time Jonnie and I stayed up in Montana for a week to finish up some things we needed to do before Christmas.
-On the 22nd, we flew out to Tampa so we could be together for the holidays.... (even if it was just in a hotel).
-Jonnie opened up 2 presents from Santa before we spent Christmas day on the white sands of the Clearwater beach. Then we had our REAL Christmas when we got back to Montana the second week of January:)
-Spent the next 2 weeks in Tampa until the season finished up.

WHEW! If anyone gets through this entire post and it makes any sense to them at all then CONGRATS! You might be the one and only:) It had to be done though.... this is our family journal after all! Can you see now how it might be easy to forget how REALLY crazy it all was?! We had lots of fun adventures though and even though we are glad this season is over, we are so glad we have the memories we do. All I know is I've never been SO EXCITED for 4 years of stability at vet school! Here's to an exciting (and hopefully less chaotic) 2011!