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typical morning

up here on the ranch we've kinda got our mornings figured out. jd wakes up around 6 or 6:30 to head to the shop and work on the saddles he's building. jonnie usually hears him scurrying around and starts yelling 'MOM' from her crib so jd grabs her and brings her into bed with me. i LOVE this snuggle time with little miss jonnie belle. we sleep for another hour or so before her head pops up and she's ready to go. two bowls of cereal always follows this without fail. one is never enough for the both of us. then we play. run around in undies.... (me pjs.....her undies)... it only lasts a couple hours before she wants her diaper back on but she does potty in her toilet without many accidents anymore. just can't get herself to make the big switch. then we watch franklin. little bear. shows of that sort. toys are always covering our living room floor but that's ok. she loves to sing the clean up song as we pick up before we head up to the main house for lunch. sometimes we skip this step if she is too anxious to see the horses and grandma... but most days we try to remember. she really loves it up here. a country girl through and through. i wonder if jr will have a love for horses and the country life like jd and jonnie do. it's definitely growing on me. the mere tranquility of it all makes me want to stay forever. i can see why people choose to live this way. 11 more weeks and our schedule will change up a bit. lots less sleeping. lots more diaper changing. lots less playing one on one. lots more practice being a big sister and not the baby of the fam. this is why i wouldn't care if these 11 weeks drug on forever. even though i know the little guy will create a whole new routine that we'll quickly grow to love and adore like this one. until then..... i'm going to enjoy our typical morning.
i can't help but love her little buns in undies. she is getting so skinny and tall these days. growing up too fast.
she loves taking care of her babies. every once in a while she will get frustrated and just chuck em though. we are hoping she doesn't do this with the little guy. 
just riding taco and making her new favorite expression. quite the personality this one. we now carry on full conversations and she is the funniest little thing. sometimes i wish i could just freeze time. she's in such a cute stage. i'll be sure and hug her a little longer. speak to her a little kinder. and memorize the way she says things. like 'bess you' when we sneeze. and 'ohh sawy' when she toots. and 'doodness' when we cough. sure do love our lil mama. 


Suzie Bishop said...

It blows my mind how similar little kids are depending on their age. So much of what you just said could describe me and karlee. Jonnie is soooooo cute.
I have a feeling we are all about to have our perfect little worlds "rocked" a bit. New babies will be fun but it will sure be different!

Tahnee said...

that was so sweet micah!! such a cute little girl you have

Justin and Toshi said...

Super cute...love the undies pics (good thing you clarified it's miss jonnie belle running around in her panties) ;) I definitely miss the one-on-one time, but sure do love having another one to snuggle!

Shantay And David said...

I love that last picture of her. That is so cute that she loves it up there so much.

The Farnsworth's said...

I LOVE her face in that last picture! Funny girl!