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Back to AZ!

So for volleyball, we're in Tucson, Arizona for a tournament at the University of Arizona and the fun begins today! We play UofA at 10 and then Gardner Webb at 5:00. Tomorrow morning we finish up with San Jose at 9 I think.... and then we head home! Last night there was a HUGE lightening storm and we loved it! When we walked out of practice we had to jump through all the puddles and were soaked when we finally made it to the vans... After eating WAY too much at the Cracker Barrel, we hit the sack in preparation for today:) It's nice to be back in Arizona! I think my Grandma and Grandpa Lines are coming to my game tonight and I can't wait to see them!


Summer Ends, Volleyball Begins!

Double days has begun! Well actually... they are about half way over by now! It has been crazy intense and my body's definitely feelin' the prego effects but it's been so fun to get back into the gym with all the girls! We are gonna have such a strong team this year and it makes it that much more exciting! The latest baby update is that I can continue playing volleyball as long as my body tells me it's ok so that is super exciting as well! As for now... my body is doing great! The only time I feel really different is when I get super hot after a long ralley or after running.... then I just feel super nauseated. It's great! haha. I love my team though and I can't wait to see where we end up in the Big Sky. Preseason rankings put us at 3rd but I think they're in for a little surprise! If you guys haven't made it out to any games then for sure try to! They are super fun and the season starts next Saturday at home with an alumni match. Should be exciting! J.D. is still in fall camp but at least is out of the dorms so he gets to sleep at home again! Woowoo! It was horrible having him gone! I can't wait for their season to start and to watch him any chance I get!