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New Job!

So I got a new job... and I love it! I'm working for a local company called Sunrise Satellites... We sell both Dish Network and Directv. So if anyone wants to get those.... I'm your girl! I get to do so much fun stuff though and I'm learning a ton! I help with the advertising... most of the finances on quickbooks... and I can even sell too if I want. This is such a good job for me and my boss is SO flexible with hours so it is PERFECT! Anyways... hope everyone is doing well! Let me know if you want Dish or Directv and I'll get you hooked up!


40,000 Acres of Beautiful Country

So we've been up here at J.D.'s ranch for pretty much all of May... and I still haven't posted any pictures of the beautiful country! There's no way I could ever see it all... but from what I have seen....I love! The land towards the top of their property is still so snowy and looks like winter! But the lower lands are greenin' up after a way too long winter! It even snowed yesterday and today... you can see the dark clouds just starting to move out! I can't believe the water that is covering the land... there is so much running down from the mountains that there are streams everywhere! I told J.D. we should go white water rafting:] Some of them look like they could handle it! But it's so pretty and so so relaxing up here! J.D. and I went on a walk before we took a drive up the ranch and it is just so peaceful and pleasant... so different from the city life. I'm sure gonna miss it up here! Here's a little bit of what we see everyday... pictures just don't do it justice.
You can barely see some of the houses... always a place to stay at the Hairpin:]
My sexy lil' cowboy and Yogi... such a cute dog.
I can't believe how much snow there still is!
The land is never ending....
The sky here is amazing... it seems ginormous!

just for fun

How to play this game of tag. Post these rules on your blog.
List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

3 Joys:
my sweet hubby
the Gospel
hanging out with my family....both of them

3 Fears:
bugs... mostly spiders but now that I think of it.. more like any bug
sleeping alone at night when J.D. is gone
being alone at night time... anywhere...I'm a sissy

3 Goals:
find health insurance that will also work when we move
learn to like to run.. at least a little bit
stay ahead on my online classes

Current obsessions/collections:
the bachelor... the show not him in particular...thank goodness it's over
taking pictures.

3 random surprising facts about me:
I only have 3 more semesters of school... yay:]
we already have all our kids' names picked out... just gotta have them now
I love love reading and learning more about all my blog friends!

I Tag: just whoever wants to do this...


Playing Catch-Up

So a TON has happened up here at the ranch... and since the connection is a little slower out here my pictures are taking FOREVER to upload! It's driving me crazy... posts are always way better when you have pictures to go with them... so i'll just have to be patient and post them whenever I can... so bare with me on the boring posts for the next little while. Well... since the last time I posted a lot has been going on. I've started my 18 credits worth of online classes and I'm happy to say I'm actually ahead right now:) So things are good in that area....

Last Friday we had the Hairpin Ranch branding and since I'm no longer a rookie brander... I actually helped out! I got to ride Dollar to round up the cattle.. and since I passed on the opportunity to castrate the bull calves I was mostly in charge of taking pictures... my specialty... and keeping the calves from running outta the branding pen. I almost got ran over a few times but I managed to survive! Besides the fact that my arms and face got fried it was a fun filled day! They saved the nuts so we could make rocky mountain oysters but I had to pass on that one for now! We finished up the night makin' smores and they were so dang good! I think I had like 4 of 'em. MMM...

Saturday I wanted to earn a little bit of money so they taught me how to work the John Deer lawn mower and boy was that a treat! The thing was so much fun to run! The lawn took about 6 hours to finish... and my legs got fried... but it was just like driving a race car. I loved it. I seriously looked like a dirty bum when I was finished though. I was COVERED in dirt and dust and smelled kinda funny too. Don't judge me... It's all about the natural look up here! haha.

Yesterday after we went to church at the Big Hole Branch, me and Cosy made five loaves of wheat bread with Mom Folsom and then a gigantic batch of cookies. I'm learning to be quite the little Betty Crocker while I'm up here! We finished the night off with two different games of rook... gotta love that game. Now that I'm finally old enough to play with the Lines Clan we live too stinkin' far away!
Today we were feeling pretty ambitious so we went up to the ginormous house/cabin that's a little ways up on the ranch and did some Spring chores. We had to teak oil all the outdoor wood furniture, powerwash all the four wheelers, and wash the HUGE windows on the house. It took about 6 hours so we made over 100 bucks each! Woohoo! And even better... J.D, as we're speaking/blogging... just sold one of his horses, Leo. YAY! The Leo funds can go towards paying off our future Vet school debt! Good job babe!

Well I think that about sums everything up for now. Things are fun and relaxing up here as always. Hope everyone is having a fun summer wherever this blog may find you:)


Health Insurance Advice!!

Ok.. so me and J.D. are still looking for the right health insurance for us... and I am completely unintelligent when it comes to this sorta stuff! So what do you guys have?! Please feel free to give me the D.L.... Should we get something that covers maternity even though we probably aren't gonna have a baby for at least another year? Or should we wait til we are trying or what?! ahh... and does anyone know anything about the health savings accounts? good? bad? let me know! Your advice will be GREATLY appreciated!


Club Conclusion:(

So this past weekend my girls had their regional tournament for volleyball and they did SO good! We took 3rd place and totally should have beat the team in the semi-finals! All in all, it was such a fun season! We had such a fun group, including the parents and that just made it all the more enjoyable! My girls all grew so much; not only in the game but as individuals. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to coach each and every one of them! I probably learned more from them than they did from me and I'm sure gonna miss all of them! (I still need the pictures from the tourney so email them to me so I can post them).... Go Xtreme 15 Red! Keep in touch girlies:)

Beautiful.... Stace Face & Maggie May


Grazing with them cows

So on Monday J.D., me, Ike, and Stacy were in Twin Falls, Idaho taking care of ranch 'business'. It was great fun though! We had to ride through all the cows that J.D.'s parents have there.... and we spent about 4 hours doctoring them and making sure the calves were tagged and ready to be shipped up to the Big Hole on Tuesday! It was a lotta fun.. and my bum wasn't even too sore the next day! I loved being up there! They all were team ropin' that night at one of their friend's arenas and it was so much fun watching them! The country life is really growin on me... I realize this even more now that I am back in Utah for the next few days. My little club team I coach has their regional tournament this weekend so I had to head back alone... I miss my Hubby! I'm heading back up on Sunday though after I have a slumber party with my family Saturday night for Mother's Day! I'm sure I'll have a lot to post about in the next week or so... I'll keep ya'll updated!
This little colt was ADORABLE! It reminded me so much of Bambi! haha. so cute!


First time brander

So today I was lucky enough to go branding with J.D. and a bunch of other cowboys and girls... and boy was it a treat! Let me tell ya... i've never seen anything like it! I'm still trying to figure out why J.D. loves it SO much... but I guess it would grow on ya if you were doin the ropin... I haven't been able to tackle this task yet. Maybe in the next couple years! It really was somethin' else though. I'm really glad I went! I love watching J.D. in his element... it's just so dang cute! I'll put some pictures up soon! Montana is beautiful right now... and they say it's just supposed to get better from here on out so I'm excited! My face even got a little sunkissed:) Yay! Well it's dinner time so I'd better get in there before the Folsom brothers eat it all up... until next time!
J.D. is the cutest lil roper! He makes it look so easy... I'm horrible at it! This was at the branding.