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sunny holidays

I can't believe the holidays have already come and gone!! It was pretty crazy having Christmas out here in Florida.. it never REALLY felt like Christmas... I wanted the snow a few days before the 25th to get me in the mood and then it could have melted the 26th. haha. Since there was no white stuff to be found... we figured we might as well hit up the beach a few times... it felt great... Not so Christmassy tho...We had such a fun few weeks though. First my family came out to visit on the 16th and was here til Christmas eve. The funnest part was going to Orlando and hitting up Universal Studios and Island of Adventures for a couple days. There were so many fun rides and it was a blast taking the kids on their first REAL roller coasters! Jonnie was such a CHAMP!

Once my family left on the 24th, JD's family got here the same day.... just a couple hours later! We went to the Everglades and saw the gators for the first time and that was so neat! It's crazy how different it is out here from Utah... I sure do miss the mountains! But it really is nice not having to drive in the snow. The Folsoms left yesterday and we miss family already! It was SOOO nice having them all out here and it made the holidays just perfect! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR COMING! We love and miss you already! December is the best month as it is... having you all here just made it that much more special.

Since football season is just about over... we have booked our flights back west for a WEEK from today! I can't wait to head back for about a month and just spend time hanging out with family and catching up with friends. We can pick up right where we left off with the card games and late night chats... those are always my favorites:) Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!