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The Real World

It felt SO good walking out of the hospital yesterday and showing Jonnie a little more than just the NICU walls. We were so excited to finally get to dress her up in her own little outfits... She's such a doll. Here are some happier pictures of our precious little one, even some of her first bath at home. Good thing Daddy was here because he is way better at this bath stuff than me! Ahh.. I just can't get enough of those two together. They have the cutest little bond already and I'm sure will be best buds forever. I can't tell you how much I love having her home... She brings the sweetest spirit into our home and I can't imagine our lives without her.

Daddy just lovin on his little girl.

Her first taste of freezing after bath time fun.

I LOVE this face! She was cold and obviously mad about it!

She was just hanging out as I unpacked all our hospital stuff. Too cute!

Goodness gracious, I sure do love this precious little girl!

So good to be HOME

Just letting you all know we are HOME at last! She was discharged yesterday at 4:30 pm and we couldn't be happier! She is doing so good and the chance of infection should be long gone! We've just been playing all day and I can't get enough of her. New pictures will be coming soon... IV-less and dressed to impress! Just wanted to give you a happy update:]


Our Precious Jonnie Belle

She is finally here!! She made her big debut on Saturday morning, March 21, at 1:03 am. I should have known she would be ready to come out then... she was always such a night owl in my tummy! It has been quite the adventure to say the least, but it has been an amazing experience! I have probably felt just about every emotion possible in the past 4 days but it has all been so worth it! I'll do a long, specific post about my labor another time... right now I just want to focus on our little super star:]

Her Name:
We decided to name her Jonnie after J.D. (John David) and both of our cute Dads, (Jon & John). Her middle name is Belle and that's not after anyone, we just really loved it and thought it went well with Jonnie. I can't picture her being called any other name.. it just fits her to a T.

Jonnie weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs. 9 oz.!! ouch! Her head made it out great cause it was so cone shaped from being down so low... but she must have her Daddy's broad shoulders cause they definitely weren't making it through without a nice little tear for Mommy. She was 21 1/2 inches long... this girl is all legs! From inside my tummy, our doctor always said she was gonna have some pretty long legs and she surely does.

Update on what's going on:
She was born healthy and happy and everything was great! She latched on right away and hasn't quit eating since! She's such a good little breastfeeder... or breast eater, whichever is the right term. Everything was going well.. we finally get to my room and tried to sleep around 4:30 am, and then around 6:00 she started to be a little fussy and seemed like she was having to work a little too hard to breathe. My nurse cleaned out her mouth cause she was still kinda liquidy, and took her to the nursery to run some tests and figure out what was going on. Turns out, she had some fluid in her lungs, and they wanted to make sure to get everything cleared up so they ran a blood culture and put her on antibiotics. Turns out she had a high CRP count, which means that her little body was trying to fight off the start of some sort of infection. Her glucose levels were also a little low and since she was having a hard time breathing, they put her on some oxygen too. This was when things got hard... and I couldn't stop crying! My sweet little angel was taken to the NICU so they could monitor her more closely and make sure everything got cleared up. When she first went in there, she was hooked up to the oxygen thing, had an IV full of some sort of glucose fluid, had an IV in her head and her hand for the antibiotics, and had to be in the little incubator. It was the hardest thing to see and it makes me cry just thinking back to it. Most of those didn't last long though because she started making progress so fast! She is such a little trooper. They took her off the oxygen after the first day and the glucose IV on the 2nd day when her tests were coming back better and better each time. In order to get them up without the IV, we had to have her breastfeed and then also have her take some formula as well until my milk came in. It helps that she is such a good eater! The real stuff came in in no time:) Thank heavens for that. She still has an IV in her head, actually this is her second now because the antibiotics are really tough on her little veins and they only last so long. She's also now in an open crib so it's way nicer. This all sounds really serious and scary... that's what I thought when they initially told me about it, but she really is doing SO well! She is still in the NICU and I feed her every couple hours and we're with her as much as we possibly can! Since I am a breastfeeding mom, they have me just boarding in my same postpartum room til she gets released to go home. I probably am with her about 14 hours out of the day so it hasn't been too bad. I just can't wait to be able to take her home with us. It has been the hardest thing seeing them poke her with needles and having to leave her each time.

I don't know what I would do without my sweet husband and wonderful Mom. JD has been amazing throughout this whole thing and is the cutest Daddy in the world. Jonnie already has him wrapped around her little finger. JD gets up in the middle of the night with me at 3:30 am to go feed her even though he has school and so much going on outside of our little family. He just can't get enough of her. I thought I was gonna die when Monday came and JD had to go back to school and everything, but my Mom has been coming up from about 9 to 2 so I'm only alone for a couple hours. I don't think I could walk away from Jonnie's side if I didn't have someone with me. They would have to just let me camp out there! I am so grateful for our wonderful families and all the love they have for us and our sweet Jonnie already. I don't know what we'd do without them.

Jonnie's now on her 4th day of antibiotics and they like them to be on them from 7-10 days so hopefully we can be outta here by this weekend! Keep her in your prayers, maybe we can get out of here a little sooner! I love love LOVE being a Mom and am amazed at the love I have for this little girl! My mom always said I would never understand it until I had my own... and this is DEFINITELY true!

Four Days old and cute as can be!


Is this for real?!

It seems like I have waited so long for this day to come! In a way, this pregnancy has seriously FLOWN by... but then when I really think about it... I have been pregnant for FOREVER! I have loved it and will totally miss feeling baby girl in my tummy all the time. But I'm sure having her in my arms will be so much better!

We have finished up all the last minute things.... putting the bassinet next to our bed, setting up the stroller and swing, finishing up my hospital bag, putting the car seat in the car. I am so anxious for tomorrow, yet completely nervous cause I don't really know what to expect. I know whatever we go through though, it will all be worth it when I'm finally holding her in my arms.

So after about 15 walks, 2 trial runs with castor oil, lots of love-making (big belly and all), doc stripping my membranes, trying acupressure, talking to her, eating spicy foods, chinese food, and taking herbal stuff........

Doc says I'm ready to be induced TOMORROW!

My Dad has had a crazy work schedule and has been out of town 3 of the 4 weeks this month... except for the weekends. I really want 'Papa Jon' to be there alongside the rest of our family so that's why I chose to do it this weekend, rather than waiting til my due date when my Dad will be on the road again.

She is growing healthy and strong and I can't wait to see her!! I went in yesterday and was dilated between 2 and 3 cm so hopefully it won't take FOREVER! In preparation for tomorrow, JD and I are going to get a couples massage in about an hour and I cannot wait! I told Cosy to make sure she hits ALL the points that they tell massage therapists NOT to on pregnant women or it might put them into labor. BRING IT ON COS! haha.. just can't wait! So here is the 39 week belly!

I'll try and post as soon as I can after her big arrival!! Until then... be patient... and keep us in your prayers:]


JD's Pro-Day

JD tested at the Pro-Day Tuesday morning and he put out some sweet numbers! He did awesome and felt pretty good about everything so all we can do now is wait to see what happens during and after the draft. We haven't really said much about it so for those who don't know... JD's got a shot to play in the NFL so he figured...what the heck? might as well go for it. He has an agent and has been training since we got back from Christmas break. A few teams are really interested in him... mainly the Dolphins and the Colts... but we'll just have to see what happens. Miami's scout took JD and I out to lunch to talk business with him after he was done testing and running through drills... so right now he's my favorite:) haha...Most likely he won't get picked up in the draft but after as a Free Agent. If that happens, he'll go to a mini camp a couple weekends after the draft for the team that wants him... then he would be back home for a couple weeks before he had to go back for the rest of the summer for the training camp. UGH! That would really stink. But it's not really an opportunity you can pass up! So we'll just see what happens!!

If the football thing doesn't work out.. then hopefully it's off to Vet School we go... right now it is lookin' like we'd be heading to Oklahoma State which is a sweet Vet School... just FAR!

Lots of fun things are going on though and we feel really blessed!! Less than 2 weeks til baby girl is HERE!! WOOOO!! We go in for another appointment today so we'll see how things are progressing... hopefully they are and she'll make her debut soon:)

Here are some of the tests that I got... Since it snowed so much yesterday the practice field was covered so they had to move it inside to the gym... kinda stinky with no field turf! But they made it work!

Here's his verticle test. (32 1/2)

40 yard dash. (4.59) Those are all the scouts at the finish line... all with their cute little timers... how nerve racking!

They rep out at 225..(20) It would sure be nice to be able to do that once!


Congrats Mailei's!

We had the opportunity on Friday to go to the sealing of Marcus, Kristen, and Jonah in the Salt Lake Temple. It was such a neat experience and we were so blessed to be a part! After the sealing we headed over to the Joseph Smith Memorial where we had a luncheon... which was amazing I might add... and it was the perfect celebration for their big day! Congrats you guys!!

On a side note... both JD and Marcus will be tearing it up at their Pro-Day tomorrow where Kristen, Jonah, and I get to cheer them on silently from the sidelines. Wish them luck!! I know they'll do great!!


Girls day out with my Momma!

I had the best day today! First I had my 37 week appt which went great AND my cute Mom got to come along which was super fun! We'll get to the details a little bit later. ***Next we went to grab some lunch at this super yummy chinese place cause that just sounded too good and it definitely didn't let me down.
***We wanted to go see a movie... a girls one since our boys were busy today... but we figured we didn't have enough time since I had to be at practice by 2:30. So instead...
***my Mom suggested that we go get me a pedicure since I have done everything BUT paint my toes lately. It was just what I needed! AMAZING. When JD got home he said.. ohhh.. your cute toes are the first things Baby Girl will see when she comes out! haha. What a cutie.

Thanks Mom for such a fun day!! I love when we get time to hangout! Can't wait til it's the three of us:)

As for the appt: everything still looks great! She is measuring between 7 and 7 1/2 pounds and healthy as ever. I was barely dilated more than last week.. so I'm now a 1 and 85% effaced! WOO! That's exciting! She can come anytime after JD's pro-day on Tuesday! haha. I wouldn't even mind if she came before that... but it just might make JD feel a little exhausted. Just a couple more weeks til we get to love and squeeze her:)


Jason SUCKS!!

K so ever since last season Jason was my favorite on the Bachelorette... now I don't like him at ALL! I don't believe any of his following his heart crap.. He just doesn't have what it takes to give his all to one woman! Melissa deserves way better and I'm so glad she didn't put up with any of his crap on the after show! She is WAY too good for him! Molly and Jason.. BLAH. Don't even like them one bit. I know it's just a reality TV show... but after 2 seasons... gol I am way too worked up right now! The season finale was the perfect ending and then I should have just gone to bed without watching the 'after the final rose' show. I really didn't have a problem with Molly but I just loved Melissa way more. Plain and simple...Jason is LAME.