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First Date w/ Our Little Sweet Pea

Yesterday we had our targeted ultrasound for my 22 week appt. and it was the NEATEST thing ever. We got to see our sweet little girl and her cute features and have already been tagging each body part to either one of us:) It made everything seem so much more real and JD and I just couldn't get enough of her. That girl had better be ready for some serious smooches the second she plops into this world! It was crazy how close I felt with JD after the appt. Something that is hard to explain.. but the best feeling ever. Probably because our little Sweet Pea is a perfect depiction of the two of us. We can't wait til she gets here! Here are some of her 3-D pics... They aren't the best quality... but as good as pictures of pictures could turn out I guess!
Classic girl shot... notice the three lines....'it's official'
This was adorable! She's sucking her thumb and her pointer and middle fingers are on either side of her nose.. too cute!
This one's JD's favorite... her perfect little face.
I love this one. Her fingers are so cute and JD and I already decided her ears are a mixture of both of ours.. haha
I love this shot of her face... I think she totally has JD's cute nose.
Check out the guns on this girl already! You should have seen her quad and calf muscles... the ultrasound tech couldn't believe how buff this little mama is. But come on... look at her Dad!
Just little Sweet Pea cuddling up close to my placenta. Ahh.. I'm in love!

Our Week / Weekend of Fun

Let me tell you... We had such a good week! The volleyball team was gone to UNC and NAU from Wed til Sunday and I had to stay home from this one... but it came at just the right time! I was super stressed with school and my house was a wreck cause the second I got home I just wanted to crash and not do a single thing but homework. Well not only did I not travel this week, but JD had a bye week so we were able to get lots of things done together which made it even nicer!

First off, I tackled a few of my big assignments that were due coming up and totally stressing me out to the max. Tuesday night we went Christmas shopping for a few hours and are just about done! From here on out things get crazy so we figured we might as well get it all done now.

Thursday night we were able to go to the Temple with some of our friends, Brett & Kim, AND out to dinner. First date...ish thing we've done in a while! What a refreshing night... I love the peaceful feeling I have after going through a session. It seriously is the best ever.

At TGI Friday's before the Temple.

I generally don't wear white under black.. it was Temple attire. Give me a break:)

Then to just add to all the fun, the NEXT night we hung out at our other friends house, Marcus & Kristen, and got to play with their adorable little 2 month old, Jonah. We ordered food and watched a movie once the little man went to sleep and then just talked forever. I love spending time with our friends and we hardly get to so it was so nice! Hanging out with babies gets me feeling so anxious for our Sweet Pea to finally get here!

The boys discussing movies... me googling over the little man

Saturday we spent a couple hours cleaning our house and also managed to clean out our cram packed closet and made some more room for winter clothes and even a future spot for Baby Folsom. We went Christmas shopping for a little bit longer and then JD went into work that night so I was able to do another assignment which was nice to get done. Sunday we took off to my parents' house right after church and hanging out there is always the best. Their house will always feel like home to me and I love being there! We really needed a week like this... although we were busy to the max, I feel like we got so much done and were able to spend way more time together which was the best part of it all:)


Dear Baby Girl,

I’m writing this to you, not yet a parent, but as close to a parent as I’ve ever been. I’m overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions regarding what’s to come in just five months. I have twenty weeks of my normal life. Life as I’ve known it for twenty years. But I am so anxious for my new life to finally begin. I can now feel you move around on a daily basis... kicking and squirming almost hourly. I am ecstatic and so anxious to meet you, but at the same time terrified of the challenges and hardships that are to come. I think about you constantly in all sorts of ‘what if’ situations. I must have thought up just about every scenario possible by now. I already have so much love for you, it's crazy; hard to imagine that it could grow anymore. With all of these emotions streaming through my body each day, I somehow have a sense of peace about me. I know that this is the right thing and that you are part of me for a reason. Daddy and I are so excited and preparing in every way possible for you to finally get here. Until I’m holding you in my arms, I will continue to feel everything imaginable: scared, thrilled, worried, restless, overjoyed, antsy. And I’m sure all these emotions won’t just be lifted once you’re here; only magnified with a whole different batch of feelings to cushion what the future holds. But until then, just know that we love you Sweet Baby!



Halloweenie and Baby Update

Let me just start off by saying I had a grand ole' time trying to find a costume... thus explaining what we finally ended up doing! My brother and his wife threw a cute little couples dinner party and it was so much fun! It's funny how much entertainment changes once you are married. Most of my single friends would have probably thought it was completely lame for a halloween party... but all the couples had a ball:)

Mine said "I'm Hefty"... and his said "And I'm Glad".

My bro as Pee Wee and his Disco Diva Wife... Best costumes.. I loved them!

Well as far as a prego update goes... I'm now 20 weeks... yes HALF WAY! I can feel the baby move so much now and I absolutely love it! It's the neatest thing. JD hasn't been around when she is kicking so he's yet to feel her.. but can't wait! I feel wonderful... besides the abnormally large bulge on my front side and the random moves and kicks.. I would be convinced that I wasn't pregnant at all!

On a side note.. my Dad's bday was on Nov. 1 and Brye's was Nov. 2. We got together on Sunday to celebrate for a bit and it was fun as usual. I love hanging out with our families! Also... JD's team is doing awesome! They are now 6-0 in conference with just 2 games to go! They're on their way to bein the Big Sky Champs for I think the first time in Weber history! Yay babe!