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Finals are over... finally

I was actually done with all my finals and presentations by last Friday... but J.D. finished today and boy am I happy about it! Probably more than him even:) I can finally get my husband back so we can do some fun things before we head up to his ranch in Montana for the entire month of May! We are so excited tho! He loves being up there... he's such a country boy it cracks me up! I'm so glad this semester is over... even though I start summer school in about 12 days... at least they are all online:) Now all the summer fun in the sun can begin!
This was last summer when we went boating at the Manti Lake and rode a lil motorcycle around town... so much fun!


A Proud Wife

So a few really neat things have happened lately and I'm just squeezing in time between finals and presentations to inform you all! Since I'm yet to have a child to brag about and need to make sure I keep my brag skills up to par for when we finally do pop some out....I thought it was appropriate for me to take a sec. and brag about my sweet husband. He is such a hard worker in all that he does... and let me tell ya... he's got quite the variety of 'stuff' under his belt that he excels at. Well, Friday night, we had the chance to not only overindulge in a delicious meal at Timbermine... but also to spend time with his family and teammates at the football banquet. J.D. is.. to say the least.. pretty much a stud on the football field.. and had a really good year this past season. If he knew I was writing about him, he would kill me. (So don't tell him) So...to our pleasant surprise... J.D. earned the Defensive MVP for his stellar performances last fall... woohoo babe:)

But I was well aware of these particular talents before we got hitched... and though I am extremely grateful for his athletic abilities... I've just recently discovered what a lucky girl I really am! My hubby knows how to basket-weave...yes out of twine. He's a pretty nifty guy to have around the house. I got to witness his skills first hand on Friday night. He's a man of many trades and boy do I feel blessed. He's the sweetest boy a girl could ask for and I get to love him for all of the eternities! What about you girls... I'm sure all your husbands have tricks up their sleeves that don't come out until after the big day.... Here is your perfect time to brag about the man you all love so much!


5K for Kim

So some of you may know already, but we are doing a fundraiser for one my teammates that had to be tested for Multiple Sclerosis. She is one of our freshmen from Canada and has a cool $7000 to come up with to pay for the spinal tap and MRI that she had to have done. So we're hosting a 5K on April 26th to help raise some money to pay for these expenses. Here's a little video that my buddy Jon Schade put together to help us advertise and to tell a little bit about Kim's story... (see if you can pick out my voice:)


And here's the link for the registration form: http://www.weberstatesports.com/pdf1/120470.pdf?ATCLID=1425201&SPSID=39352&SPID=3469&temp_site=NO&DB_OEM_ID=8600

All the excess money raised will be dontated to the Utah Chapter for MS. It's for a great cause and is only $20!!! Please spread the word!



Tell me about some mouth watering recipes you just can't get enough of. I would appreciate this greatly… but rather my husband would love it even more. I seem to make the same mundane things over and over again. It's time to incorporate some variety in our lives. Please and thank you.

Dutcher's the big EIGHT

Yesterday was my lil brother Dutcher's 8th birthday! How exciting for him! It was a busy day but both J.D. & I and also Brye & Michelle got to go over to my parent's house last night for some yummy cake and presents. He is the funniest kid to watch open presents.... He gets so excited over every little thing and it just makes it so much fun! He is hilarious and growing up SO fast! Either he needs to slow down.... or my sisters-in-law Michelle, Stacy, and I need to start havin some babies! We always have the best time over at my parent's house... It is so cute for me to watch J.D. play with Dutcher...both Haley and him love hangin out with J.D.... he is so sweet to them and I know he's gonna be such a good Daddy! I love my family so much and am so appreciative of all that they do for us! I still have yet to cook a Sunday dinner because we are either at my parent's house of Grandma Nan's:) And I'm not complaining one bit! I always took for granted all the yummy food that fills my parent's cupboards! It is amazing to me now to see it all....especially after seeing our rather sparse shelfs the entire week... I'm quickly humbled every time I go over there! But I just wanted to wish Dutcher one more Happy Birthday...he is such a stud ane he's so excited to be baptized soon:) I'm so proud of the good lil guy he is. I love you Dutch!


Happy Birthday Cosy!

It's my Sister-in-law's 20th B-Day today and I just wanted to give her a special shout out and wish her the best on this special day! She is back home in Montana until Wednesday but I plan to take her out to lunch as soon as she gets back! I feel so lucky to have you as my big sister, Cos, and I honestly learn from you daily. You are such a good example to me and some lucky guy is gonna be so fortunate to have you for a wife! Thanks for all you do for us Cosy! We love you!


My Little Handyman

So about a week ago, we finally had our first little thing go wrong that we had to fix since we've been married... and J.D. really pulled through! We live in an older basement apartment... so of course we don't have a disposal in our kitchen sink. I never knew how amazing those things were until we moved into this place! So I was doin a bunch of dishes one night and I accidentally let some beans and who knows what else go down the drain... bad idea. It got all plugged up and it wasn't until like three days later that I went to get some draino so we could get the dang thing fixed. I thought the water would just finally go down cause it had kinda done that before... but it never did. It just kept getting worse. We even had to stack all our dishes on the counter and I finally resorted to taking them all into the bathroom so we could wash them while we were in the shower! We were pretty desperate but we didn't have to resort to that... I finally got a hold of some draino but that alone didn't do the trick... So J.D. pulled the whole..."I have an idea" thing.. and whips out the plunger... don't worry we had never used it... just J.D.'s little brother had. haha. So first of all we had to clean off the plunger in the bath tub cause we were just grossed out... and let's not forget that some poop water got on our rug in there so we also added "wash the rug now" to the To-Do list. So we threw that in... finished up washing off the plunger... and headed to the kitchen. He started plungin' away and it seemed to be working! The water even started tornado-ing down the drain like I remembered my bath water doing when I was just a tot... Well we got really excited and were pleased with our handy man skills and then J.D. decided to give it one more good plunge just for good measure. This was the funniest part... the other side of the sink still had water in it and the pressure plunged the water ALL OVER US! So we were covered in draino/queso/gunky water and were laughing hysterically on the kitchen floor. It worked though! Our drain is fixed and I'm positive that my little handyman could fix anything now... seems he's already mastered the whole plunger thing:)


Spiritually Fed

I'm sure you all loved this past weekend as much as I did with Conference and all... We were fortunate enough to go to the afternoon session on Sunday and it was amazing! J.D.'s parents got us tickets from their branch up in Montana so we went with a group of 6 and it was so much fun... we even got to eat at Grandma Nan's afterwards and hang out with all our awesome cousins for a couple hours! I loved all the talks and the Spirit was so strong... President Monson is such a cute man! And I really think that Elder Ballard's talk was written just for Micah Folsom:) I hope you all feel as spriritually fed as I do... what a great weekend!


My Twilight 'High'

So before 3 days ago... I was completely skeptical about the whole Twilight craze. Some of my friends have read it and they always went on and on about how good it is... I'm just not the reading type though so I figured I'd never get around to it. It wasn't til my mom bought the books and told me she would stay up all night reading cause she couldn't put them down that I decided I better make time to read them! So I started my Twilight journey 3 days ago and I've got one book down and two to go. It was SO GOOD! Every spare second I had I would open up the book and keep at it. I seriously didn't want to put it down! If you haven't read these books yet... you NEED to. That's all there is to it. Don't give me the... 'I don't have time' excuse cause I tried that for a while. Everyone goes to the bathroom at least a couple times a day.. so you HAVE time! And once you start you will MAKE time. Ask J.D. I had to put some of my wifely duties on hold til I could finish the dang thing! So a word of advice.. don't start if you have a huge paper or test coming up soon... it will make studying that much harder! Ah.. I loved this book!