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5K for Kim

So some of you may know already, but we are doing a fundraiser for one my teammates that had to be tested for Multiple Sclerosis. She is one of our freshmen from Canada and has a cool $7000 to come up with to pay for the spinal tap and MRI that she had to have done. So we're hosting a 5K on April 26th to help raise some money to pay for these expenses. Here's a little video that my buddy Jon Schade put together to help us advertise and to tell a little bit about Kim's story... (see if you can pick out my voice:)


And here's the link for the registration form: http://www.weberstatesports.com/pdf1/120470.pdf?ATCLID=1425201&SPSID=39352&SPID=3469&temp_site=NO&DB_OEM_ID=8600

All the excess money raised will be dontated to the Utah Chapter for MS. It's for a great cause and is only $20!!! Please spread the word!

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