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last friday was the hairpin branding. jonnie L.O.V.E.D. every minute of it. she just wanted to get in on all the action and it was pretty tough keepin' her out of it. these are just some pictures i snapped while knox man was snoozin'. i'll bet by the next branding jonnie will be up on her horse and roping all those calves right along with them. this time, the dummy calf had to suffice:)


7 weeks and UT visit

i can't believe knox is already 7 weeks old! it's been fun seeing him grow... literally each day. he was pretty skinny when he came out.... almost a whole pound less than jonnie. she was chunky straight outta the womb! but not this little guy.... he's had to work on it. and that he has! he LOVES his nursies and it is really starting to pay off. he finally has a couple rolls on his legs and his double chin is getting to be really awesome too:) i love my babies! 

we went down to UT last weekend. JD flew out to Oklahoma to find us a house {and that he did---woo!} and I had some sessions to shoot so it worked out perfectly. Grammy & Bompa had LOTS of grandbaby time so i decided i better get some pics of them and the cute relationships they each have with their g-babies. 

*story behind the pics- my dad wanted to get a cute photo for his office--- so my mom and haley were making fun of him for all the different pics he wanted to take... it was pretty hysterical. i love my UT visits and they always go by WAY TOO FAST! 

 knox is getting to be on guard when jonnie comes around--- she loves him to death--- sometimes a little too much! 


jonnie's first boyfriend

today jonnie went branding with JD and met her first boyfriend. he is 3. his name is weston. he's a cowboy. and they held hands and shared hats on their first date. love at first sight? i think so. 


mother's day photo CONTEST

for those of you who don't frequent my photography blog... don't miss out on this fun contest!!

alright--- i've been wanting to do a fun contest to spice things up a bit... since mother's day is this weekend, i figured... what the heck?! we might as well celebrate it! moms are some of the most important people in our lives... so in honor of your moms AND being wonderful moms... the lucky winner of this contest will win a free session with me! 

What exactly is up for grabs??

-{Any type} hour long session {UT}****{see below if you don't live in UT}
-20 hi-res pictures on cd w/ copyright release
-and to celebrate moms: a free 8x10 OR 11x14 of your favorite shot

Who can enter the contest?

-Anyone who has a mom:)
-Any MOM who has kids {of course}

How to enter:
-email me the ONE picture you want to enter into the contest {either of you & your mom OR you & your kids--- for you ladies of course} 
send to: micahandjd@hotmail.com
-i will post all of the pictures into my 'mother's day contest' album on my photography facebook page on Friday, May 6th {or whenever you send them to me.. .but the longer your picture is in the album, the longer it has to be 'LIKED'}.
-the picture with the most 'LIKES' at the end of the contest will win the free session of your choice!
****-if you don't live in the Utah area... you can STILL enter and GIFT the session to a friend/family that does if you are the lucky winner. SO STILL ENTER!
-In order to get people to 'LIKE' your photo... you must have people first 'LIKE' my photography page... and then also 'LIKE' your photo. 
-comments are always nice and sweet... but only the likes will count towards the winning photo. 

Contest will officially start FRIDAY, MAY 6th {as long as I have enough people entered... so tell all your friends!}
Contest will END on SATURDAY, MAY 14th at 8:59pm.

So email me your picture ASAP! micahandjd@hotmail.com

Ready, set, GO! 

just for an idea... here is me w/ my baby girl jonnie belle--- if i wasn't running the contest, i would probably enter this one:) {i don't have one of my cute mom & me on this computer or i would do one of those too}
or maybe this one: 
or this:
 or even this: 
see: the possibilities are ENDLESS! have fun with it! 

*leave a comment on here telling me you emailed me the picture just in case it gets sent to my junk for some reason... i don't want you to miss out!