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7 weeks and UT visit

i can't believe knox is already 7 weeks old! it's been fun seeing him grow... literally each day. he was pretty skinny when he came out.... almost a whole pound less than jonnie. she was chunky straight outta the womb! but not this little guy.... he's had to work on it. and that he has! he LOVES his nursies and it is really starting to pay off. he finally has a couple rolls on his legs and his double chin is getting to be really awesome too:) i love my babies! 

we went down to UT last weekend. JD flew out to Oklahoma to find us a house {and that he did---woo!} and I had some sessions to shoot so it worked out perfectly. Grammy & Bompa had LOTS of grandbaby time so i decided i better get some pics of them and the cute relationships they each have with their g-babies. 

*story behind the pics- my dad wanted to get a cute photo for his office--- so my mom and haley were making fun of him for all the different pics he wanted to take... it was pretty hysterical. i love my UT visits and they always go by WAY TOO FAST! 

 knox is getting to be on guard when jonnie comes around--- she loves him to death--- sometimes a little too much! 

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Brye & Michelle Lines said...

Wow they are both getting so big! We wish we could've been there! JD found a house?! Exciting!! We need details! :)