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a day in town- spring fever at its best

the past few days have been pretty rough on jonnie {and me}. it is still snowing and so dang cold here at the ranch... spring might never come! as a result, i have turned to cadbury eggs for some instant gratification and jonnie and i were forced to break out the stroller for a long walk along the snow packed, dirt road on Monday. that was quite the adventure to say the least. by the time we returned home, our noses were as red as Rudolph's and  my fingers were frozen. it was fun to get out of the house though.

so yesterday, when mom folsom told me she was going into town around 3:30, we decided to tag along.. so we packed up the stroller and drove the 45 minutes to town so she could play at the park in the 55 degree (super nice but way too windy) weather and take a walk around town til JD was done with work. well it was definitely too windy for our liking, so we walked to alco (one of the nifty stores in dillon) and walked up and down the isles til JD met us there. i'm still glad we went in cause it made the day go by a lot faster and jonnie always loves getting out of the house any chance she gets. i think today we'll make a special run to the post office and to the dump so we can get rid of the 5 bags of garbage that are in our pantry. i've learned that the city folk take way too much for granted. big black garbage cans that get picked up being one.

cool swings that she was loving.

see how excited she was to be out?!
i love this picture. on our way to grab our car in JD's work truck. she loves her daddy. and he just adores her.


summer mini sessions after the babe is here {updated dates}

Here is my summer time mini session announcement for before we move to oklahoma! I might add one more in the salt lake area depending on how many book so keep that in mind. Let me know if you are interested! These sessions are perfect for a cheaper all around option. Check the page / tab on top of my photography blog for more details or email me if you have any questions.


Jonnie is TWO

So I'm a couple days late... but that doesn't mean we didn't celebrate Jonnie's b-day three different times! That means three times eating cake which was FAB. She loved blowing out the candles so she did that at least twice each time. She's pretty dang good at it now. I'm kind of a slacker and only took pictures the first party we had down in UT with my family. I just totally spaced grabbing my camera when we did her b-day stuff up in Montana. All I can say is Jonnie is definitely the life of the party and I can't imagine our lives without her! She is my little best friend and I love her to bits. I know she will be the best big sister and definitely Mama's big helper once the baby comes.

And just for my sake so I can look back on this when the little guy is two, right now she is doing these things:

-loves singing twinkle twinkle, the ABC's (not quite all correctly), and rockabye don't you cry.
-counts to eleven by herself and to twenty if you give her a few helpsies.
-miss independent through and through. (she often just checks to see if i'm around but wants to do EVERYTHING on by herself)
-jumps off everything she can... no matter how high it is which is scary.
-knows her colors 98% of the time---red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple
-started sleeping in her big girl twin but wakes up at about 4 and calls to see where i am.
-still has days where she's not that interested in food but can't get enough apple juice.
-takes off her diaper any chance she can to pee pee in the potty and then loves to run around naked. (this is my fault-- i had a break down when she would pee in her panties and gave up on potty training til she just decides she wants to do it gung ho)
-loves to be chased and wrestle around with daddy and uncles.
-loves dancing and hanging out with haley and her friends (she feels like such a big girl when she does.. it's the cutest thing when she just feels like one of the girls)
-still LOVES horses (taco & blue) and cows and babies. i can't wait to see how she is with little brother.

her favorite picture face. and i love it.
 checkin out the time on her cute new watch.
 showing off her dance moves in the leo haley got her. 
haley and gramps enjoying the party & sporting their cute hats.
just bein silly and laying on her new comfy pillow with her tissue paper blanket she concocted. 
Happy 2nd B-Day Sweet Girl!!


bozeman & a big belly

Since I was in Utah for a week partyin it up with my fam and having fun with photo shoots, I haven't blogged in way too long and have a few posts to catch up on. So this one will be a 2 for 1 deal:) Two weekends ago we went to Bozeman with JD's family (minus JD cause he had to stay and calve) and cheer on his little brothers at the b-ball state tourney. They did awesome and ended up playing in the championship game but took 2nd. They were awesome though and we had so much fun up there! We had some girl shopping time---much needed! And had a blast staying at John and Tracy's friends' house from college. They buy their ice-cream by the 5 gallon tubs... how could you not have fun with them?! 

 Jonnie and Aunt Cos took full advantage of the trundle bed we slept on.... this lil thing will jump off anything when she gets the chance. She might just be the first sky diver of the family... now that's a scary thought!

Now for the real reason you all hopped onto the blog... to make fun of how BIG my belly is getting. It's fine---just be honest... you know that's why you're here! The first is a pic we took at 34 weeks and never posted. The second I took in Utah at 36 weeks. Tomorrow I'll be 37 so you can be sure that I am at least twice that big now..... ha just playin. But the little man is sure growing like a weed and I can feel every bit of it! I told JD the other night that I could FEEL my stomach getting stretch marks. I don't really know if that's possible--- but at that moment I was sure of it!
34 weeks.

36 weeks.