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bozeman & a big belly

Since I was in Utah for a week partyin it up with my fam and having fun with photo shoots, I haven't blogged in way too long and have a few posts to catch up on. So this one will be a 2 for 1 deal:) Two weekends ago we went to Bozeman with JD's family (minus JD cause he had to stay and calve) and cheer on his little brothers at the b-ball state tourney. They did awesome and ended up playing in the championship game but took 2nd. They were awesome though and we had so much fun up there! We had some girl shopping time---much needed! And had a blast staying at John and Tracy's friends' house from college. They buy their ice-cream by the 5 gallon tubs... how could you not have fun with them?! 

 Jonnie and Aunt Cos took full advantage of the trundle bed we slept on.... this lil thing will jump off anything when she gets the chance. She might just be the first sky diver of the family... now that's a scary thought!

Now for the real reason you all hopped onto the blog... to make fun of how BIG my belly is getting. It's fine---just be honest... you know that's why you're here! The first is a pic we took at 34 weeks and never posted. The second I took in Utah at 36 weeks. Tomorrow I'll be 37 so you can be sure that I am at least twice that big now..... ha just playin. But the little man is sure growing like a weed and I can feel every bit of it! I told JD the other night that I could FEEL my stomach getting stretch marks. I don't really know if that's possible--- but at that moment I was sure of it!
34 weeks.

36 weeks.


Case said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling giant, but you really aren't!! I totally feel your pain with the stretchmark comment...I swear I can feel everything growing! You look great and I think we should just have babies the same day:)

Lindsey said...

your tummy is adorable. was that the day you took our pics?? cute!!!

Cosy said...

Love these pics! Stealing them :) oh and your belly looks cute! haha

Lynette said...

I think you look great. We miss you in Florida and yes, we went to the beach for you ;)

Suzie Bishop said...

haha i LOVE her. Look how big she is jumping! She looks like a wild child. Your belly is adorable. You are one cute prego mama. I cant wait to meet your new baby guy. He will be adorable.

mindy said...

ummm you look SOOO gorgeous! your belly is cute! cant wait to see your cute baby boy!