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a day in town- spring fever at its best

the past few days have been pretty rough on jonnie {and me}. it is still snowing and so dang cold here at the ranch... spring might never come! as a result, i have turned to cadbury eggs for some instant gratification and jonnie and i were forced to break out the stroller for a long walk along the snow packed, dirt road on Monday. that was quite the adventure to say the least. by the time we returned home, our noses were as red as Rudolph's and  my fingers were frozen. it was fun to get out of the house though.

so yesterday, when mom folsom told me she was going into town around 3:30, we decided to tag along.. so we packed up the stroller and drove the 45 minutes to town so she could play at the park in the 55 degree (super nice but way too windy) weather and take a walk around town til JD was done with work. well it was definitely too windy for our liking, so we walked to alco (one of the nifty stores in dillon) and walked up and down the isles til JD met us there. i'm still glad we went in cause it made the day go by a lot faster and jonnie always loves getting out of the house any chance she gets. i think today we'll make a special run to the post office and to the dump so we can get rid of the 5 bags of garbage that are in our pantry. i've learned that the city folk take way too much for granted. big black garbage cans that get picked up being one.

cool swings that she was loving.

see how excited she was to be out?!
i love this picture. on our way to grab our car in JD's work truck. she loves her daddy. and he just adores her.


Suzie Bishop said...

okay so this might sound like im hitting on your husband a little bit.. and maybe i am. I dont know..
anyway your pretty lucky. Haha You didnt just marry the football star or the cowboy, or the doctor (vet) haha you got all three! That picture is adorable of JD and Jonnie. You have such a cute amazing family Micah! I am so happy for you.

Megh said...

Is that a little bit of a MUSTACHE on JD? it makes him look so much like John in that picture! Hope you are doing well! Love you all!