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takes after daddy

she's a natural. it must be in her blood. this is her present from grandma tracy and grandpa john. she loves it already! daddy and her named it after one of their riding sessions.... lil' bay. i'm sure they'll become the best of friends:] i know this city life is starting to take a toll on j.d's country ways.... but i gotta make sure i keep him from sneakin a ride. i think he misses the weight limit by just a hair!


best TWO years

Yesterday was our two year anniversary!! What an adventure we've had so far!! Last night as we were lying in bed... JD and I were talking about the things that have taken place.. and the places we've been since December 8th two years ago. It is amazing to look back on all that has happened and the greatest thing BY FAR is our little creation, Jonnie Belle. (Who is pretty much a spitting image of her Daddy) I can't imagine going through life with anyone else by my side. JD is the love of my life and makes me want to be a better person day in and day out. I just can't get enough of him! Best two years sweetheart.. and millions more to come!


Walkin' Woman / Thanksgiving

Jonnie is a wild woman to say the least.... and thinks she is ready to walk! Luckily... I had my camera when she decided to take her first steps. I still can't believe in eight months she has learned so much! Babies really are just like sponges... soaking up every single thing this world throws at 'em. I learn from her every single day and am so glad she's my little babe!!

Jonnie and I got back last night from Arizona where we spent Thanksgiving with my family... It was so good to see everyone and spend time with them! I definitely miss living close to family... but it sure does make visits that much more special.

**If anyone needs a cute idea for a Christmas gift or baby gifts... make sure you visit this blog... marymaydems.blogspot.com. My Aunt Mary is a jewelry guru and made Jonnie the CUTEST bracelets while we were down there... Definitely go look at all the cute things she can make for YOU!