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Weber vs. Utah

So this past weekend I finally got to see one of JD's football games! It was so much fun... they played at Utah, who is ranked 17th right now and really made it a fun game. The final score was 37-21.... not too shabby. I'm not gonna lie, JD really impressed me! He's quite the lil linebacker. I was totally bummed when he sprained his ankle about a minute into the second half and was out the rest of the game! Even just playing the first half only, he ended up with around 10 tackles! Yeah babe! It was just so much fun to finally get to be there and not have to only hear about how it went from a phone call after the game. We also got to hang out with his family and that was tons of fun as well. Here's just after the game... JD's still crutchin' around, but they should be able to get him back by Saturday's game against Montana!

Doc said it's still pretty early... but he's 99.9% sure we're having a lil linebacker ourselves! So excited! We'll keep you updated as things progress. I'm officially done playing ball and it's totally lame! We'd been praying about it a lot and really felt strong that it was finally time to stop. It started to hurt diving around 11 or 12 weeks and it just isn't worth letting anything happen to the baby. Now I'm cheering from the bench and helping the girls as much as I can with the mental aspect! I know it was the right decision... just hard to finally hang up my cleats after so many years of playing.


Better Reconsider!

Oh my GOSH! I saw this on Missy's blog and decided to give it a try... I'm not gonna lie... this baby kinda freaked me out! There's no turning back now! But I surely hope we make cuter babies than this lil thing! hahahaha. I was dying! Try it!

What do you think about my little new baby Baby Folsom?
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Four More Days:)

If you haven't noticed the poll deadline... you only have 4 more days to vote on what our baby is! I go in for my 3rd appointment on Monday... and according to the doc, since I'll be 14 weeks, they should be able to tell what the baby is if it cooperates! If it... i hate that... it will be nice when it is finally a he or she:) So cross your fingers and get to voting!

Also, volleyball is finally opening up conference play against Eastern Washington at HOME tonight.. that's right Swenson Gym at 7:00. Everyone should come out and cheer your little hearts out. The louder the better!


So much chaos!

Wow! I'll just start off by saying I'm a horrible blogger! I blame it all on my lap top because it is currently broken so the only ones I'm on are my work computer and J.D.'s. But I can only upload photos onto mine so I really have no motivation to do posts without pictures! UGH!

Anyways.... So much has happened lately! Preseason is well on it's way. We've been to Arizona, Texas, and are leaving in the morning for Washington. We are playing well and doing a lot of good things so this season is looking bright for the Wildcats! J.D, the lucky boy, just got back on Monday from playing a game in HAWAII! I know.. they got to hang out on the beach while we were in the gym in Texas... It's ok though. They gave them a good game, winning at the half 17-7 but couldn't pull it off. J.D. had a great game though! Go 33:)

Hmm... what else? Ohh.. I also got to celebrate the big 20th bday in Texas on the 6th. We went to eat at the Texas Roadhouse that night so I've gotten to ride that saddle two years in a row now! Last year on the morning of my birthday J.D. made me a surprise breakfast and proposed... so it will be hard to ever top that one! Since I was away, my cute family came up to Ogden the Wed. before we left for Texas and took me out to lunch so that was lots of fun!

Other than that.... just trying to stay caught up with school. Missing every single Thursday and Friday class since school started really puts a damper on things! It totally stresses me out! On a lighter note, J.D. submitted all of his vet school applications yesterday so keep your fingers crossed! I'm so proud of all the hard work he put into those dang things!

I think that's about it though with the Folsom clan. Oh wait! Sometimes I forget that I'm preggers! A little update on that... I'm now 12 weeks and almost outta the first trimester! woowoo! We went in for our second appt. a couple weeks ago and got to see the cute little baby and hear it's heartbeat. It was seriously precious! Until then, it all seemed a little bit pretend! I'm still not showing, well, others probably think so. I can tell I'm gettin' a little bit thicker through the middle than tickles my fancy... but that's life. I'm just anxious to get past this....has she gained weight? stage... and onto the "oh how fun, she's pregnant! stage. I can surely wait though. The longer my tummy stays little, the longer I can play ball!

This is so long.... to end it, I would like to give a shout out to my little sister, Haley who is in 7th grade and made the volleyball team and is now setting for their middle school varsity team! You go girl! Hope everyone is doing great! Until next time.....