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knox buddy & a trip to UTAH!

ok clearly this blog is getting neglected!! i guess with everything else that i need to do each day, this one gets put on the back burner! i promise if you want updates on my kids, you can find them on my photog blog. I just spend way more time on there so that's where they'll most likely appear:) Go to that link for a little 6 month and 2 1/2 year session we did a couple weeks ago.

Things are great here in Oklahoma! We are loving it and have met so many awesome friends! We are super excited for the holiday season and family coming out to visit!!!! My family is coming out for Thanksgiving and then the kids and I decided on a whim to drive back WITH THEM to stay for a week in UT! I can't wait!!! Then the day we fly back, JD's mom and sister are flying out to visit us for a week out here... WOO!!! Can you tell I'm excited?! haha.... 

While I'm back in Utah, I have a bunch of sessions planned.... but there are still a couple mini session spots open on Dec. 2nd and 3rd if you are wanting to get photos done before the holidays! Go here to see the open slots and let me know if you wanna fill one:) 

Here is just a few shots of little Knox that I got on sunday. He is getting WAY TOO BIG! It's crazy how fast they grow up...


tough love

we have been staying busy out here while JD's staying SUPER busy with school. jonnie goes to 'pre-school' twice a week for a couple hours and LOVES it. we go to a mom's institute class where the kids just play in the back of the class on another day. and have play group on the other free day. so we have lots of fun and seem to keep ourselves occupied while JD is gone a.l.l. d.a.y. these are just a few shots i caught of the kiddos hanging out last week. totally them. i do miss everyone back home though! i'm trying to figure out a time that i can go back with the kids for a visit.... thinking maybe after thanksgiving so end of nov/beginning of dec. JD will be crazy busy studying for finals so we won't see much of him anyways! so if any of your UT folk wanna book sessions then.... keep that in mind and let me know ASAP!! keep up with more of us on my other blog. there's a super cute post of our night at the county fair. if you missed it then you better go check it out here:)  i seem to struggle at updating both blogs! just to be safe, you should add that blog to your feed as well so you never miss out on any of the fun:) hope everyone has a wonderful labor day weekend!!
K: 'oh hey, wanna hangout sis?'
J: 'yeah but let me put my foot on your head first.' K: 'whyyyyy?'
 J: 'get over here, little bro'. K: 'mom, help!'
'ok we can be buds again'


interview with j-belle

I saw this on a cute blog.... now I can't even remember where but she gave permission to use it so I did just that... here is how the interview went down with jonnie belle. I'm glad I did this... it'll help me remember the funny stage she's in right now. Love her to pieces!


first oklahoma post----- swimmin'

so the summer has come and gone..... almost. and we finally got around to taking the kids swimming! this was knox's first time and he loved it. our friends had us over to their pool so jonnie had a blast playing with her friend the whole time. we waited til 6 pm to go so we didn't all get scorched. it was a lovely time to say the least. hopefully we can go a few more times in the next couple weeks!
and this is a sky that rained 10 minutes after we got home:) whew.


we made it!

i know..... i haven't even done an update since we moved out here to oklahoma. well--- just so you know, we made it! ha. we love our little home here and finally feel like it's just that. i took some before pictures, but have yet to get the afters so that post will be next i'm sure. JD just has one more week til he starts vet school and we never see him {or so they tell me}. we are just trying to get everything done and organized so life can be easy breezy once the real fun starts for him. hope all are well back home. we miss everyone and can't wait for you to come visit!


knox- 3 1/2 months... almost

on my photog blog i'm doing 'mondays w/ micah' so prospective clients and the world in general can get to know me better. this is my post from today--- i'll probably post them here too so that if i turn this blog into a book i'll have them all in the same place. i love my little man!
since we’re currently packing up our place to move to oklahoma— our house is a mess! this little guy loves attention… but if he can’t have all of mine then he better dang well be entertained! so this is where the johnny jump-up comes into play. he still isn’t heavy enough {or our doorway that we have it hooked up on is too high} to actually jump in it… so we improvised and turned it into his little swing. he LOVES it. today i had to whip out the camera cause he was just gigglin while i was swingin him.
and since he just learned to roll over from his back to him tummy a few days ago, here’s the face he gets every time he gets over—- it’s got ‘PROUD’ written all over it huh?  ohh i love my little munchkin. those drools and the milky tongue in the shot above are just bonus features;)
stay tuned— cause this friday i will officially be starting FAQ friday…. and i’m super excited about it! if you have anything you want answered— let me know here or on facebook.



First: We've got another little roller in our family as of yesterday! Knox is now rolling over from his back to his tummy {3 mo. & 10 days so I can remember---Jonnie was exactly 4 mo. to the day}. He's only rolled over from his tummy to his back once but it was more of an accident I think:). Kinda fun though... he's getting to be such a big boy already!

Second: I got my new photo blog up and running!---- After staying up WAY too late last night..... but I'm super excited about the changes and hope you all stop by and say hi! Be sure and add it to your blogroll so you can keep updated on what we're up to over there.

Third: We are starting the drive out to Oklahoma for the big move in THIRTEEN days from today! and even crazier than that--- I'm heading down to UT with the kids in EIGHT days! So really we have to have everything packed and ready to go before then.... AHHHH!! We are SO excited though. Can't wait to get all moved in to our new little place. On a side note, while I'm down in UT I'll be doing a few last photo sessions and have two more nights open---- if anyone needs to book a last minute session let me know asap so we can work ya in! 

Fourth: JD's little brother, Monte, leaves on his mission to Honduras on Wednesday. We are so excited for him and so proud of his decision to spend the next two years as a missionary for our church. We sure will miss him but we know there is nothing better that he could be doing right now..... LOVE YOU MONT!


2nd child

 the culprit:
and the innocent victim:
i'm SO glad that jonnie is the big sister and knox is the little guy. i think i would feel a lot worse if a big brother was picking on my poor innocent 3 month old baby girl. don't get me wrong... i still feel bad--- but at least little boys are innately tougher... hopefully? jonnie definitely has her moments when she just wants to tease him or she just does things that she doesn't understand she's not supposed to. there have been lots of those lately. i figured i better write them here so i could tell her about them later when she might not believe me.

-if i lay knox on the floor, i have to be super careful cause whenever he is down, jonnie walks up to him and says 'jump knox?' umm.... NO! 
-she just recently started squeezing his face and getting really frustrated and saying 'look at me knox!'... this is what was happening in the pictures below. 
-sometimes she'll walk up to him and give him a big 'RAWWWR' to see if it'll make him jump. 
-whenever she's eating something, she always wants to share with knox... i gotta keep a close eye on her when she has snacks! she'll offer and put the food by his lips then look at me and say--- only mama's milk? YES. and she'll laugh and say 'okayyyy'. stinker!
-and she MIGHT have pushed knox off the couch once. yeah-- that was awesome!

 mom---- put down the camera and HELP!
luckily, he's a fast forgiver:)

i realize this makes me sound like an awesome mom.... i swear i watch my kids! it's just sometimes i need to run and do something around the house without lugging the babe around. i've learned my lesson, i try to have jonnie come with me now so she isn't left alone with knox. that's when all the magic happens!

88% of the time jonnie is a SUPER sweet big sister and loves knox to death. and then there is that other 12% when she's a little rough. we're working on that... but i realize it's sort of what we signed up for when we had them 2 years apart. she talks so well that we forget sometimes how young she really is.

on a side note, have i mentioned lately how much i love hanging out with these two? i might have some of the coolest kids around. jonnie is a go go go type girl--- has been since she was born! and knox is just cool as a cucumber. i LOVE it! and i think they will be best buds in the next couple years since they are so different. we'll see--- but i can't wait for them to be able to play:)


4th of july weekend

we were down in utah over the fourth.... so it was loaded with lots of fun! we hung out lots with my family and my aunt mary from az came up to visit too which was awesome. we saw a few of our friends and did some fun things with them---- always nice since we don't see them nearly enough! our weekend was filled with going to see Cars 2, swimming, slip 'n sliding, a couple parades, firework shows, DQ treats, rook, celebrating my mom's b-day, jumping on the wet trampoline to cool off, and i had some fun photo sessions in between all of that. here are just some pics from all the fun. {of course i didn't get in a single one of them! my bad---- i was there too, i promise}
 jonnie is such a little nose picker.... i had to document this so we'd remember!
 at the centerville parade waiting to collect the candy
 enjoying an otter pop--- it was so HOT
 the real reason we were at the parade--- cheering on my sis, haley
 bompa and knox--- little buddies
 jonnie LOVED the slip 'n slide at the mailei's fam party we crashed
 JD got in on the fun too
 she was cruisin!
 on her way back up the hill to go again
 aunt mary and knox when she first got there
 Jonnie took out this little guy at the Farr West days.... LOOK OUT!! so funny
 coolin' off with Dutch on the wet tramp
 knox gettin some loves from grammy--- look at his double chin! i love it
 jonnie just doin' what she does best!
crazy girl--- sure do love you!


oh lookey there..... i got a bite!

the other night we packed up the gang and drove 12 miles up the ranch to alice's cabin. it's a quaint little place right next to a creek with a fire pit perfect for roasting wieners and marshmallows. so we did just that. jonnie had her first fishing experience {and it was a good one for sure!} her and jd caught about 5 fish but only kept two of them to eat. surprisingly, they were actually yummy. jonnie loved fishing! the big boys {uncles} were actually quite jealous of her skills... they didn't catch a single one in that creek! she didn't wanna miss out on anything..... she even watched jd clean all the guts out and get them ready to cook {and she still ate it after seeing all that}. she's quite a girl.  it was fun to spend the night outdoors, since that is by far her favorite place to be. and what better way to finish off the night than roasting marshmallows and eating yummy s'mores?!

 a fishing extravaganza wouldn't be complete without doin the potty squat!