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knox- 3 1/2 months... almost

on my photog blog i'm doing 'mondays w/ micah' so prospective clients and the world in general can get to know me better. this is my post from today--- i'll probably post them here too so that if i turn this blog into a book i'll have them all in the same place. i love my little man!
since we’re currently packing up our place to move to oklahoma— our house is a mess! this little guy loves attention… but if he can’t have all of mine then he better dang well be entertained! so this is where the johnny jump-up comes into play. he still isn’t heavy enough {or our doorway that we have it hooked up on is too high} to actually jump in it… so we improvised and turned it into his little swing. he LOVES it. today i had to whip out the camera cause he was just gigglin while i was swingin him.
and since he just learned to roll over from his back to him tummy a few days ago, here’s the face he gets every time he gets over—- it’s got ‘PROUD’ written all over it huh?  ohh i love my little munchkin. those drools and the milky tongue in the shot above are just bonus features;)
stay tuned— cause this friday i will officially be starting FAQ friday…. and i’m super excited about it! if you have anything you want answered— let me know here or on facebook.


missy. said...

aw he is soo cute micah i love his big eyes.

Jessie and Conor said...

Micah, we've done the same thing with our Johnny Jump Up. Liam loves using it as a little swing to twist around in! How funny! Hope all is well in Oklahoma!