Welcome to our blog!! Now get comfy & stay awhile....We are no longer private... so if we aren't on your blog feed then get to gettin' and add us back on there!! jdandmicahfolsom.blogspot.com:) While you're at it, might as well put my photog blog on there too, right?! micahfolsomphotography.com/blog. You're the best!



First: We've got another little roller in our family as of yesterday! Knox is now rolling over from his back to his tummy {3 mo. & 10 days so I can remember---Jonnie was exactly 4 mo. to the day}. He's only rolled over from his tummy to his back once but it was more of an accident I think:). Kinda fun though... he's getting to be such a big boy already!

Second: I got my new photo blog up and running!---- After staying up WAY too late last night..... but I'm super excited about the changes and hope you all stop by and say hi! Be sure and add it to your blogroll so you can keep updated on what we're up to over there.

Third: We are starting the drive out to Oklahoma for the big move in THIRTEEN days from today! and even crazier than that--- I'm heading down to UT with the kids in EIGHT days! So really we have to have everything packed and ready to go before then.... AHHHH!! We are SO excited though. Can't wait to get all moved in to our new little place. On a side note, while I'm down in UT I'll be doing a few last photo sessions and have two more nights open---- if anyone needs to book a last minute session let me know asap so we can work ya in! 

Fourth: JD's little brother, Monte, leaves on his mission to Honduras on Wednesday. We are so excited for him and so proud of his decision to spend the next two years as a missionary for our church. We sure will miss him but we know there is nothing better that he could be doing right now..... LOVE YOU MONT!


Brye & Michelle Lines said...

Micah the new blog is way cute!! And we can't believe Knox is already rolling over! We are missing everything!!! Ha ha hope we can see you guys in a month and a half in your new place! :)

missy. said...

congrats to monte! that is so awesome. good luck on all your moving!

Spencer & Blakely said...

Love the new blog! I hope the moving goes well, love you girl!