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4th of july weekend

we were down in utah over the fourth.... so it was loaded with lots of fun! we hung out lots with my family and my aunt mary from az came up to visit too which was awesome. we saw a few of our friends and did some fun things with them---- always nice since we don't see them nearly enough! our weekend was filled with going to see Cars 2, swimming, slip 'n sliding, a couple parades, firework shows, DQ treats, rook, celebrating my mom's b-day, jumping on the wet trampoline to cool off, and i had some fun photo sessions in between all of that. here are just some pics from all the fun. {of course i didn't get in a single one of them! my bad---- i was there too, i promise}
 jonnie is such a little nose picker.... i had to document this so we'd remember!
 at the centerville parade waiting to collect the candy
 enjoying an otter pop--- it was so HOT
 the real reason we were at the parade--- cheering on my sis, haley
 bompa and knox--- little buddies
 jonnie LOVED the slip 'n slide at the mailei's fam party we crashed
 JD got in on the fun too
 she was cruisin!
 on her way back up the hill to go again
 aunt mary and knox when she first got there
 Jonnie took out this little guy at the Farr West days.... LOOK OUT!! so funny
 coolin' off with Dutch on the wet tramp
 knox gettin some loves from grammy--- look at his double chin! i love it
 jonnie just doin' what she does best!
crazy girl--- sure do love you!


Justin and Toshi said...

Your kids are so cute! Wish we could have been in UT for the 4th! Tons of FUN!

missy. said...

so cute! i can't believe how big knox is, he is adorable.