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oh lookey there..... i got a bite!

the other night we packed up the gang and drove 12 miles up the ranch to alice's cabin. it's a quaint little place right next to a creek with a fire pit perfect for roasting wieners and marshmallows. so we did just that. jonnie had her first fishing experience {and it was a good one for sure!} her and jd caught about 5 fish but only kept two of them to eat. surprisingly, they were actually yummy. jonnie loved fishing! the big boys {uncles} were actually quite jealous of her skills... they didn't catch a single one in that creek! she didn't wanna miss out on anything..... she even watched jd clean all the guts out and get them ready to cook {and she still ate it after seeing all that}. she's quite a girl.  it was fun to spend the night outdoors, since that is by far her favorite place to be. and what better way to finish off the night than roasting marshmallows and eating yummy s'mores?!

 a fishing extravaganza wouldn't be complete without doin the potty squat!


ThE dAvIs FaMiLy said...

you have such a cute little family! we really should try to get together before you leave :)!

Shantay And David said...

Such a cute post. I love these pictures!!