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unpacking.... ish

a couple nights ago we started unpacking. did we just move?? it might seem as if we did. 2 years ago when we packed up our little basement apartment to move to florida, everything went into storage. we were planning on throwing it all in a big huge moving truck and having it shipped out there but ended up decided against this once we got out there. so all we've been living with for the past 2 years is what i packed for our 2 month hotel stay that summer in florida + everything else we have accumulated in the mean time.

so a couple nights ago, jd started pulling out a couple boxes so we could go through them before we get out to oklahoma in august. we don't want to haul a bunch of crap that we will just send to D.I. {hope they have those} out there. it's sort of like christmas for us, really! we haven't seen all this stuff in over 2 years and have basically forgotten all together what we have in there! so for the next few weeks, we will be having christmas at our place. if anyone wants to come over for some hot chocolate and cookies, you are more than welcome:)

i hate moving as it is. but this whole unpacking, repacking, then having to unpack again in august might just start to wear on me. we have to make some fun out of it where we can! things with the house are going well:) so glad the Lord is looking out for us. the more we think about it, the more we are SO glad the first house's owners ended up not being able to sell. the home we're getting is MUCH better suited for us and we'll definitely be more comfortable there. i'm getting pretty dang excited to get out to oklahoma and start this next chapter of our lives. JD will finally be doing what he really loves and i'm super excited for him. hopefully the kids and i can find some good buddies out there to play with and keep us company during the long study days. i'm sure there are plenty of those ahead of us.

the one thing that does stress me out though is going into so much debt. i know that education is a great reason to go into debt--- it's just a scary thought! jd will continue to build saddles during breaks {christmas, spring break, summer} and i'll definitely keep doing my photography out there so that should help some with living expenses. and utah friends, don't forget that i can always do sessions when we come back to visit too, so keep me in the back of your mind:) i really am so glad i have something like it to help out during school--- i LOVE what i do and am blessed to be able to do what i love.

we're coming down to UT tomorrow for JD's cousin's wedding and another photo session. i always love coming back and hanging out with family. usually time is short, so we don't get to see friends too often. but when we do get the chance, i always love that too! just to spice up this long, boring, ramble of a blog post--- here are some pictures of my cuties. knox turned TWO months a couple days ago and he is a whopping 14 pounds already. my mama milk is serious talk around here, people! we don't mess around;) i think most of that weight is in his cheeks, chin, and legs:)
jonnie is quite the riot these days. she has got an attitude like you wouldn't believe! don't get me wrong, she is the sweetest, funniest little girl--- most of the time. and then she has her moments of mischief, rebellion, and just flat out being naughty and testing her boundaries. hopefully it's just a phase! these are some pictures of the other day when i was helping JD's mom with dinner... jonnie went into her bathroom, opened her mascara, and did her make-up herself....she actually did get some on her long eyelashes which i was quite impressed with:)
  oh--- and yes, those are leftover nachos on her face. cute huh??


Shantay And David said...

haha I love that she put on some makeup! I can't believe how much Knox looks like Jonnie!!

missy. said...

your kids are adorable. i can't believe you have two of them now! congrats micah!