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First Appointment

Today was our first appointment with Dr. Housel and it was a joyful time to say the least. I was anxious to see him so I could figure out exactly how far along I am and how much of the season I'll be able to play through. GOOD NEWS:] Turns out I'm only 6 weeks along so that'll give me a couple extra weeks longer to play. He said that once the first trimester is through things start getting dangerous for the baby so that puts me at the middle of September. Not too long! We won't even be into conference matches by then. He said he would keep an eye on me though and just see how things are progressing and then we'll have a better idea. Last thing I want to do though is put the baby in any sort of danger! But overall the first appointment was a good one. J.D. wasn't too enthused when he found out that since I'm only 6 weeks, the doc did a... close your eyes if you don't wanna know... vaginal ultrasound. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though! He said everything was looking good! Then they had to draw blood for all the different tests... I HATE needles.. but it wasn't too bad! I think before it gets too late, I'll start posting the infamous belly shots so I can see the progression! So with the first appt. comes the first belly shot:]


Chaney tagged me!

Each player answers the questions themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answers.
"Ten years ago"…
1. I was still doing gymnastics 6 days a week.
2. I was almost able to use all of my fingers to hold up my age:]
3. I was playing with my then baby sister Haley any chance I got.
4. Living in our Gilbert house and meeting Kristin at the gutter.
5. Playing flag football with all the boys at recess.
Five things on today’s “to do” list
1. take my LAST summer final... check
2. go to basics.... check
3. go to work... in the process
4. have a date night with my cute hubby
5. eat lots of yummy cafe rio!
Five snacks I enjoy
1. honey mustard pretzels
2. watermelon
3. peaches
4. swiss cake rolls
5. fruit snacks
Five things I would do if I was a millionaire…
1. Buy TONS of cute cute baby stuff:]
2. Go to either Hawaii or the Caribbeans before March comes
3. Buy lots of land and build a house for us and one for my parents so Dutch and Haley can get their horses
4. Put a ton away so we could pay for Vet school all up front
5. Pay for Brye's school
Five places I have lived…
1. Grandma's house in Mesa
2. Gilbert house
3. Centerville house
4. Wyoming dorm
5. Our cute lil basement apartment we live in now:]
I tag...Steph, Missy, Britney, Mary, and Chelsea!


Good News Spreads in Montana

So we got back last night from our fun trip up to the ranch. My family had SO much fun and Dutch didn't want to come home at all! He was trying to convince my Dad Lines that he could just work for Dad Folsom up there so they could stay. It was pretty cute. Dutch and Haley did so well with the horses and are now determined that whenever my parents move to a place with more land... they are going to get some horses of their own!

Well.. last July when I went up with J.D. this same weekend to 'meet the parents' he actually let them in on the news that we were getting married. This July trip, we were also able to share some exciting news with both of our families... WE'RE HAVING A BABY!

I went to the doctor to make sure it was for real last Monday... but we waited til this past weekend to tell our families so that we could tell them with everyone there. It was perfect! I loved the little poem that Mal used to tell her parents so I used that as an outline to come up with our own lil poem. It was Haley's bday on Saturday... but of course we couldn't wait that long to tell them.. so we had her open her present on Thursday night just before dinner. In the huge bag with her present in it, I tied a way long string to a ring pop so Haley just pulled and pulled til she found the end of the string which pulled the poem out. She didn't want to read it out loud so she gave it to my Dad and he took care of it. I was already feeling all emotional so I just cried the whole time he was reading it! haha. It was so much fun though to see their reactions.. they can't wait to be grandparents:]

Yes... I realize I still have a season left. And yes, this happened sooner than we'd expected. But we couldn't be more excited! The plan is that I'm just going to play this fall for as long as I can without it being dangerous for me or the baby. As for school next Spring, all of my classes will be online so I can have the baby late March and still finish up and graduate with a precious one month old! We are really ecstatic about the news and know that everything happens when it's supposed to so we know it's right. Now I can have the baby and still be close to my Mom for the first couple months before we have to leave for Vet School. I couldn't be happier that it ended up this way! While I love volleyball and will miss not being able to finish out the season, expanding our little family will be so worth it!

I go in for my first official appointment with the OB on Thursday so we'll find out the details then... but as of now, they think I'm about 6 or 7 weeks along:] I haven't even been sick so it's really been a walk in the park. I'm crossing my fingers that the rest will go this way as well!


Boating & Weekend Preview

I'm kind of a slacker... but last week Brye invited us to go boating with some of his friends and it was way fun! I always love to be on the lake... JD had to work:[ but I took Jocilyn and Cosy in his place and we still had tons of fun!

Learning to wake surf... kinda.

Me 'n my besties:]

Things are kinda crazy right now... lots of work, JD has been working 6-midnight most nights and it's so stinky! We're also finally finishing up summer classes- YAY - morning conditioning, and house sitting! It's ok though, cause Thursday morning my whole family is taking off for Montana to go hang out with JD's family up at the ranch! I can't wait to get our families together.. we always have so much fun! Brye and his cute wife Michelle are even taking off work to come so I'm super excited! It's gonna be a fun filled trip full of lots of fun and surprises! Dutcher is getting baptized on Saturday somewhere in the creek up there and it's also Haley's 12th B-Day so it'll be lots of fun for sure! I'll try and remember to take lots of cute pics!

This is from the Ogden fireworks... I forgot about this... we have history at these yearly fireworks. This time last year me and JD had just barely started hanging out and he almost blew it by telling me he didn't think he could kiss me anymore cause he was kinda waiting to date this girl that was coming down to go to BYU. The dork almost blew it cause I'm so stinkin' stubborn. Good thing my Mom talked me into being nice and giving him a minute to come to his senses! haha. good thing he did:]


Practicing Parenthood:]

Sk and her hubby needed a date night away from their little monster, Brynlee, so we gladly took her for the night! She is the cutest lil thing and we had so much fun playing with her. They thought it might take away some of the baby itch I've been havin' lately but it totally didn't! It did open our eyes though to a lot of what the next couple years will entail. She is a little firecracker and you can't take your eyes off her for a second! She reminds me so much of Boo from Monster's Inc... seriously, a doll. We loved having her here though and can't wait til she comes back to hang out! Thanks Steph and Jesse for lettin her come over! haha. Drop her off again soon:]


Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend! We were house sitting for a home in Layton so we spent the 4th there. We BBQed some steaks and chicken and then sauted shrimp and it was so yummy! I ate way too much though... seems that's always the case when good grub is in front of me. We basically just relaxed the entire day and watched movies until the fireworks started. Cosy was with us all day and then our friends Jocilyn and Ryan came over and we saw all the fireworks from their deck. It was so much fun! The next day was my Mom's BDAY! So that morning we went swimmin' with Cosy and then headed with my family at around 2 o'clock. We hit up Javier's for some linner and then went to see Hancock. We got some Farr's ice cream... which you haven't had ice cream til you've been here... and then just hung out at our place for while til they went home. It was so nice just hanging out with them all Saturday! I hope my Mom had a wonderful B-Day! All in all... it was just the weekend we needed!

The 'Grub'

Me and J.D. gettin' ready to feast.

Me and Cosy.

Watching fireworks on the deck... can you tell we had just gotten done watching two movies in a row? I look like I'm half asleep. haha.


Camping at Causey!

So we have been totally swomped the past few weeks with school, work, sports, and MOVING! But we did it! Woowoo! So we decided to take a little break and hit the road with a bunch of our friends up to the lake to go camping. It was so much fun and the best part was just being away for a couple days. We rented a blow up raft and some hard shelled kyaks and had so much fun with them. We found some sweet cliffs to jump and that was a first for me! I'm a total weenie and don't usually love jumping into deep water that I can't see through to check out for rocks.... but low and behold... after about the 20th person did it and came up safely, I figured it was safe and sound! All in all it was a great weekend. We finished up moving into our new place last night so I'll post pictures soon:) My Dad came up Sunday night and helped us move a ton and we're so grateful for all his help! I know... we moved some on Sunday.. we are sinners. But unless I wanted to do it all by myself over a week's period of time a couple hours a night... it's what we had to do! So nice to be getting settled in. All we have to do now is hang up all the stuff on the walls and find a place for all J.D.'s socks. Really. He has so many that we can't find a place for them. I told him we should just pack half of them away but he claims he wears ALL of them! haha. I sure do love him so much... millions of socks and all:)