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Camping at Causey!

So we have been totally swomped the past few weeks with school, work, sports, and MOVING! But we did it! Woowoo! So we decided to take a little break and hit the road with a bunch of our friends up to the lake to go camping. It was so much fun and the best part was just being away for a couple days. We rented a blow up raft and some hard shelled kyaks and had so much fun with them. We found some sweet cliffs to jump and that was a first for me! I'm a total weenie and don't usually love jumping into deep water that I can't see through to check out for rocks.... but low and behold... after about the 20th person did it and came up safely, I figured it was safe and sound! All in all it was a great weekend. We finished up moving into our new place last night so I'll post pictures soon:) My Dad came up Sunday night and helped us move a ton and we're so grateful for all his help! I know... we moved some on Sunday.. we are sinners. But unless I wanted to do it all by myself over a week's period of time a couple hours a night... it's what we had to do! So nice to be getting settled in. All we have to do now is hang up all the stuff on the walls and find a place for all J.D.'s socks. Really. He has so many that we can't find a place for them. I told him we should just pack half of them away but he claims he wears ALL of them! haha. I sure do love him so much... millions of socks and all:)

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chels said...

I'm such a woos when it comes to jumping off cliffs. Hats off to you for trying it! :)