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takes after daddy

she's a natural. it must be in her blood. this is her present from grandma tracy and grandpa john. she loves it already! daddy and her named it after one of their riding sessions.... lil' bay. i'm sure they'll become the best of friends:] i know this city life is starting to take a toll on j.d's country ways.... but i gotta make sure i keep him from sneakin a ride. i think he misses the weight limit by just a hair!


best TWO years

Yesterday was our two year anniversary!! What an adventure we've had so far!! Last night as we were lying in bed... JD and I were talking about the things that have taken place.. and the places we've been since December 8th two years ago. It is amazing to look back on all that has happened and the greatest thing BY FAR is our little creation, Jonnie Belle. (Who is pretty much a spitting image of her Daddy) I can't imagine going through life with anyone else by my side. JD is the love of my life and makes me want to be a better person day in and day out. I just can't get enough of him! Best two years sweetheart.. and millions more to come!


Walkin' Woman / Thanksgiving

Jonnie is a wild woman to say the least.... and thinks she is ready to walk! Luckily... I had my camera when she decided to take her first steps. I still can't believe in eight months she has learned so much! Babies really are just like sponges... soaking up every single thing this world throws at 'em. I learn from her every single day and am so glad she's my little babe!!

Jonnie and I got back last night from Arizona where we spent Thanksgiving with my family... It was so good to see everyone and spend time with them! I definitely miss living close to family... but it sure does make visits that much more special.

**If anyone needs a cute idea for a Christmas gift or baby gifts... make sure you visit this blog... marymaydems.blogspot.com. My Aunt Mary is a jewelry guru and made Jonnie the CUTEST bracelets while we were down there... Definitely go look at all the cute things she can make for YOU!


AZ here we come

Jonnie and I are heading to Arizona tomorrow morning to spend Thanksgiving with my family. JD has to stay here in Florida for football... and I'm sad to leave him so it's sort of a bitter sweet vaca. We decided though that since none of my family in AZ have met Jonnie that this would be the perfect time to do that. I am so excited to see everyone!!


halloween weekend

What a fun weekend..... Friday night we went with our friends Toshi & Justin to their ward's trunk or treat and chili cook off... lots and lots of fun! This is where Jonnie was a little fairy:] The next night we went to our friends' halloween party and we had to dress up as well so.. since we are SUPER creative and love dressing up... we were cowboys! So Jonnie was our little poodle 'cow dog' that night. Here are pics galore... our friends are super creative and had some sweet costumes!! Hope everyone had a great and scary halloween!
Day One: Fairy


back... i'm not sure those little wings would get our little chunky monkey in the air!

Day Two: 'Cow-dog'

loving the party snacks!

getting acquainted with her new identity.
our creative friends:

molly & elliot

speakers by susan & matt

jake & mal as MJ & soccer player of course

HAPPY B-DAY DAD (today) & BRYE(tommorow)!
We love you!


just cause i think she's cute

Here are some random Jonnie shots just cause I think she's kinda cute! Never a dull moment with this little one:]

classic. saggy diaper and all.

if it doesn't get all over the place...it doesn't belong in your face.

spiky hair after bath time.

our child has a fetish with dangerous things like chords.

her scary face....just in time for halloween!


daddy & daughter first

Last weekend we went to the Brad Paisley/Dierks Bentley concert in West Palm Beach and it was a BLAST! Even though JD loves his country music, he'd never been to a concert so it was super fun to finally get him out to one!

{Love her rolls!}
All my cowboy attire is still in storage back in Utah... so we hit up Griff's and I found some WAY cute boots that were on sale and a hat that is ranch/rodeo worthy... JD is very picky when it comes to cowboy stuff... he would NOT let me just get a cute hat.... he said those are for city slickers (which I still sort of am... but he SO is not)... so I went ahead and got the real deal boots AND hat so I don't embarrass him when we go to cowboy stuff. Jonnie got to sport the new boots that Grandma and Grandpa Folsom sent her this past week and we got her some cute wrangler bootie shorts to go with em!

JD's agent hooked us up with the tickets so we were in the seat section and super close which was so fun! I was way nervous to take Jonnie... but definitely would have been more nervous leaving her for such a long time since the concert was an hour away... She loved it though! Even slept for a bit and woke up just in time to dance with her Mama. All in all.. it was such a fun night and we were so glad we got to go!

{She was lovin' Brad... she didn't even wanna take her eyes off for a picture!}


officially on the move....

Jonnie is on the go! It seems like in just the last couple days she has grown up SO much! She has gotten the crawling stuff all figured out... along with feeding herself puffs.... AND discovered how fun opening the bathroom drawers are.... dangit. She also found the tile in the kitchen and loves it... which makes me super nervous since she is still a little Bambi-like when she's standing and such. And last but not least... she is our little rockstar baby! She's getting this raspy scream down pretty dang good and does it whenever she's in a really good mood... it's too funny. Every once in a while she'll get on her hands and feet... kinda looks like a 3 point stance... and it is hilarious. I finally got it captured on film so we had quite the photoshoot this morning while Daddy was at work! She seems to have figured out the 'hurdler stretch' in the process as well... Wow so many new things!! Well JD's just about home... so we've gotta get our swimmin' suits on cause we're hittin' up the pool! Can't wait for the weekend!!


our little {eckerciser}...as Gamps would say

Check out Jonnie doing what Mommy SHOULD be doing! haha... I guess JD hasn't figured out how to 'not bring work home' since today was a lifting day. What a cutie though. I just can't get enough of her!


Jonnie's SIX months

I can't even believe our baby is already SIX months!! She is so much fun and learning new things every day. Some things she has mastered:
-Rolling over every which way
-Sitting up like a champ
-Getting on her hands and knees and rocking
-Army crawl
-Standing against things or while holding Daddy's hands
-Eating puffs:]

Some things she has NOT mastered:
-Sleeping through the night:[
-Still toothless:]
-Napping without Mommy right by her side for more than 10 minutes.

Needless to say, Jonnie and I have so much fun hanging out together ALL day long! I think this may play into the fact that she knows the SECOND I walk away from her when she's sleeping... which definitely affects what I'm able to get done while JD is at work... but I'm not gonna complain too much cause I love snuggling with her! Here are a montage of pictures we've taken the past little while....

Oh yeah.. We are finally settled out here in our own little apartment and it's been so nice to not be living out of bags anymore!!

Ok back to what you all came here to see:]


Bokampers & Update

Last night we headed over to one of our favorite restaurants here in Florida.... Bokampers. I seriously love this place! Some of the yummiest, biggest burgers around! Kim Bokamper is the owner and also a former Miami Dolphins player back in the day. You might also recognize him from his famous shower scene with Jim Carrey in the Ace Ventura movie. If you don't remember, you can go and see it here. He's pretty much a big wig around here.... along with being a former player, restaurant owner, and movie star, he also covers the channel 4 sports here in Florida. They were doing some sort of radio show last night at the restaurant so a bunch of the players headed over there to either talk on the show or just be there for pictures and autographs. It was a fun time and lots of yummy food, my favorite part for sure!
This is the gang.... Ryan Baker (D-End), Kim Bokamper, Me, Brett (JD's agent), JD & Jonnie girl. 

Some of the Dolphin's cheerleaders were there so we figured it would be fun for Jonnie to get a picture with them. If you look closely, you can see that Jonnie has a tight hold on the blonde's hair. I had the hardest time getting her fingers out with all the hairspray she had!! It was hilarious! Good thing she wasn't wearing a wig! It would have come off for sure!
JD, Brett, and Ryan again. Isn't my husband just so handsome?! 


We finally have the low down about what's going on with us so I'll briefly let you in on the skinny.  They did waive JD today to cut the roster down to 53:[ We expected this though because of the things they said about JD being undersized right now.  On a brighter side, they immediately had him sign the papers to be on the 8 man practice squad... while they BEEF him up! They kept 6 guys from the current roster and are looking to pick up 2 more from the waiver wire.... (other team's cuts)... Since there are over 400 guys who are outta jobs today completely.... we are super appreciative of the fact that we still have one! His linebacker coach told him he better stay on top of the stuff and be ready cause they'll pull him up onto the active roster if any of the linebackers or special team players get injured or start sucking it up. So while it was sort of a bummer to get waived... we are more than happy to extend our stay here in Florida and anxious to see what'll happen this season! 

So proud of you sweetie!! 


Beach / Bows / & Babylicious

Saturday, Jonnie and I headed to the beach with the Schumers and Snyders. JD was at football so he had to miss out on all the fun.... It was just what we needed! Jonnie loved hanging out on Jake's air mattress {thanks for sharing} and couldn't get enough of the water. We ended our little afternoon getaway with the yummiest sandwiches I've ever had... Fire{something I can't remember!} Subs.
This is a HUGE step in the right direction for me.... Up until yesterday, I don't think I had ever done a craft... EVER. Thanks to miss Molly {craft woman of the century}, I learned how to make cute little {and big} bows for Jonnie's headbands. Here is the proof! Not bad for a first timer eh?

Now for the good stuff... JONNIE! What a hunka hunka burnin' love this girl is! She has definitely found her toes and is loving sucking on them! {delicious right?} It's too funny to make her stop... so we grab the camera instead! {Thanks Mal!} I just love hanging out with this little chicka all day, everyday, and am SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED:] Every night when we're going to sleep... I say to myself... 'ohh she is the sweetest thing'. She's my little chunky monkey, cutest gas filled {even in the silence of relief society}, cuddle bug that ever was!

Such an unnatural pose for a little one! haha... She was in the middle of doing some crazy arm movement when Mal caught her with it stuck straight out to the side. Funny woman.