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Jonnie's SIX months

I can't even believe our baby is already SIX months!! She is so much fun and learning new things every day. Some things she has mastered:
-Rolling over every which way
-Sitting up like a champ
-Getting on her hands and knees and rocking
-Army crawl
-Standing against things or while holding Daddy's hands
-Eating puffs:]

Some things she has NOT mastered:
-Sleeping through the night:[
-Still toothless:]
-Napping without Mommy right by her side for more than 10 minutes.

Needless to say, Jonnie and I have so much fun hanging out together ALL day long! I think this may play into the fact that she knows the SECOND I walk away from her when she's sleeping... which definitely affects what I'm able to get done while JD is at work... but I'm not gonna complain too much cause I love snuggling with her! Here are a montage of pictures we've taken the past little while....

Oh yeah.. We are finally settled out here in our own little apartment and it's been so nice to not be living out of bags anymore!!

Ok back to what you all came here to see:]


missy. said...

look at that smile it is priceless!! she is so beautiful girl!

Jeff and Bethany said...

Oh she is so stinking cute!

The Rasmussens said...

She's so cute Micah! She looks a ton like both of you guys! Glad to see you have a place of your own now!

Allen and Suzie said...

i love that she always has such a big smile!

MichelleY said...

What a cutie... I love her smile! Glad you guys are settled in now. Maybe we'll see you at Thanksgiving and I can meet her in person finally:)

Bree and Bryce said...

Micah she is DARLING!

Kyle & Shadolyn said...

Johnnie is adorable! She is a busy little thing...the sleeping through the night thing is hard. You'll get there! Glad you guys are moved into your own place.