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tough love

we have been staying busy out here while JD's staying SUPER busy with school. jonnie goes to 'pre-school' twice a week for a couple hours and LOVES it. we go to a mom's institute class where the kids just play in the back of the class on another day. and have play group on the other free day. so we have lots of fun and seem to keep ourselves occupied while JD is gone a.l.l. d.a.y. these are just a few shots i caught of the kiddos hanging out last week. totally them. i do miss everyone back home though! i'm trying to figure out a time that i can go back with the kids for a visit.... thinking maybe after thanksgiving so end of nov/beginning of dec. JD will be crazy busy studying for finals so we won't see much of him anyways! so if any of your UT folk wanna book sessions then.... keep that in mind and let me know ASAP!! keep up with more of us on my other blog. there's a super cute post of our night at the county fair. if you missed it then you better go check it out here:)  i seem to struggle at updating both blogs! just to be safe, you should add that blog to your feed as well so you never miss out on any of the fun:) hope everyone has a wonderful labor day weekend!!
K: 'oh hey, wanna hangout sis?'
J: 'yeah but let me put my foot on your head first.' K: 'whyyyyy?'
 J: 'get over here, little bro'. K: 'mom, help!'
'ok we can be buds again'