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Baby Showers & Updates

This past Saturday was my family baby shower at Grandma Nan's and then Cosy threw me one last night for lots of my friends. They were both great!! Yummy food and even better company! I have gotten the CUTEST things from all our family and friends!! They seriously are the best! I'm a spaz and spaced taking pictures of the one last night... but have a few from Grandma Nan's on Saturday. Thanks everyone for helping and coming and making these showers so fun!!
I can't believe how tiny her clothes are! Things are SO much cuter when they're little. I love it. Me and my sister-in-law Michelle enjoying Grandma Nan's yummy dessert.
All the goodies from the family shower... SO CUTE! We got too much! Thanks everyone!!!

I was doing her laundry last night and it just made me SO anxious for her to be here! I can't believe her tiny little body will be filling up those clothes in the next couple weeks. We have officially narrowed down the few things we still need to get her before the big debut. Ahh I thought we'd never be ready!!

36 Week Appointment:
This morning we went in for my 36 week appt so from here on out we're meeting weekly. That is nuts. I thought the day would never come. She still looks great and is measuring over 6 lbs. Also some great news... even if she goes the full 40 weeks doc said she shouldn't be more than about 8 1/2 lbs... I think I can handle that!! Ohhh, and he checked my cervix and I'm a dilated to a whopping 1/2 a centimeter and 60% effaced. Hey... at least it's something right? Haha. So now we'll just have to keep seeing how everything progresses from here on out! Her head is super low and I'm definitely feelin' it. Walking is a joyous time for me now... I look like such a penguin, it's quite pathetic. Oh well, at least she's down and getting ready!

P.S.- Cousin Britney Garner!! I got your package today and loved every little thing in it!! You are so sweet... thanks so much again!!


Washington State & Weekend at the Ranch

I've been super blog lazy lately... but last week we headed up to Pullman for JD's Vet School interview at Washington State. He feels like it went as well as it could have so we're just playing the waiting game for about another week til we hear whether or not he got accepted. He is SO anxious!! He has put so much time and hard work into this whole process and I am so proud of him. We took a tour at the school and saw all the facilities and everything. It was the cutest thing. He was so excited. It was probably equivalent to how I'll feel when I take the hospital tour around Mckay Dee on the 28th!! haha.

The cute interviewee once he got back from the hotel to pick me up for the tour.

Once we were finished up at WSU, we headed back to the Ranch to hang out with JD's family. It's always so nice and relaxing there. Perfect place to just get away for the weekend. We had quite the adventures driving that's for sure. Let's just say we went about 80 miles with the gas light on in the middle of mountain roads and about 28 once the jeep said ZERO miles til empty. We are SURE we were being watched over that night. It was such a testimony builder for me especially. There are so many exciting things going on in life right now... these next couple months will unfold a lot of different things!
JD pulled a fast one when I was helpin' Mom Folsom make fried rice and egg rolls... MMM:)

I'm 35 weeks and definitely feelin' it! My bladder can no longer make it through the night... sometimes I'm up 4 different times. It's awesome! Baby girl is measuring 9 days ahead so I'm sure she's feelin' a little squished... Maybe she'll come early cause she's so sick of it! Wishful thinking right? We are just so excited to have her!


Is it really possible?

So I'm now in my 34th week of pregoness... and although I still feel great, I'm wondering how in the world my belly can get any bigger?! She has grown a ton lately and I'm sure she's over the 5 lb. mark by now. We go in for our next appt. on Wednesday morning so I'll be even more sure about it then. This picture is more for me to look back on. I thought I was huge at 29 weeks... now I'm gigantic....I just can't wait to see what's in store for me at week 39! haha. Only time will tell...
Cosy... being the blunt, loving sister-in-law she is, told me tonight that I looked like I was ready to have her any day now. THANKS COS! I always leave your house feeling better about myself:) haha.... no I'm kidding. But she sure wasn't!


Amy's Wedding!!

One of my friends got married yesterday so we went to their dinner/reception last night and it was so nice! She looked beautiful and it was so fun to see her so happy! I love weddings and seeing how fresh their love is! They both got up and kinda talked about each other and it was the sweetest thing... I love seeing people in love! It seriously makes my heart melt. I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend, the one I always get twitterpaited over when I haven't seen him for a few hours. It's the best. I just love him so much!

We sat at the 'grown-up' table with my assistant coaches and their other halves... I guess that's what happens when you're almost parents! It was way fun... I love talking with them and hearing their insights on babies and things....SK and Jesse have the cutest little 2 year old, Brynlee, and she's got a little boy on the way so we're both super anxious for our big days to come!

Steph is about 27 weeks and I'm just a little over 33... time needs to start tickin' dangit!


Hang-outs & Superbowl Fun

This weekend we had some fun! Friday night we headed down to Salt Lake and hung out with our friends Derek and Sarah and their super cute boy Brody. He's eight months old and cute as ever... I should stay away from tiny tots.. it just makes the wait go that much slower!! Well anyways, I ate way too much at the Texas Roadhouse then we just visited and stayed up til the wee hours of the night.
(Probably why we look so darn cute in this picture... it was taken just before we left.. we look gigantic and JD made it worse by standing on his toes, what a punk)...

Saturday JD got home from work around 1 and we did some homework then headed to the Temple. As always, the session was just what we needed and I'm so glad we went. That night we went to the Weber State basketball game cause Haley danced at half-time... and did SO good by the way... then we got ice cream and headed down to Centerville for a slumber party at my parents' house!

Sunday, after church, my Mom made some yummy superbowl grub and we had a great time just being together and cheering on the Cards... too bad they couldn't pull it off!!! Needless to say, it was such a nice weekend and just what we needed before another busy week of school and work.

Baby Update:
I am now 33 weeks along and still feeling great! Baby Girl is still punching and nudging me any chance she gets and I love it even more every day. We are so anxious for her to come we can hardly stand it!