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Amy's Wedding!!

One of my friends got married yesterday so we went to their dinner/reception last night and it was so nice! She looked beautiful and it was so fun to see her so happy! I love weddings and seeing how fresh their love is! They both got up and kinda talked about each other and it was the sweetest thing... I love seeing people in love! It seriously makes my heart melt. I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend, the one I always get twitterpaited over when I haven't seen him for a few hours. It's the best. I just love him so much!

We sat at the 'grown-up' table with my assistant coaches and their other halves... I guess that's what happens when you're almost parents! It was way fun... I love talking with them and hearing their insights on babies and things....SK and Jesse have the cutest little 2 year old, Brynlee, and she's got a little boy on the way so we're both super anxious for our big days to come!

Steph is about 27 weeks and I'm just a little over 33... time needs to start tickin' dangit!


lilly and dilly said...

Oh your belly is so cute! What is your due date?? Are you ready?

The Birch Family said...

That was a fun night! I found another website. I havent checked it out but in the magazine the stuff looked cute. It's cuddlehaven.com. The store is in Kaysville I guess. Anyway, I am so excitd for our babies. You better not move before mine gets here!