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PN-6 / 5W / Gentle Birth

I need some advice!! I've been looking into these herbal things that are supposed to get your body all ready for labor... My Mom swears by PN-6... She had all 4 kids natural and all were SUPER fast and everything went smoothly... but we can't find it anywhere!! Has anyone else used 5W or gentle birth? And if so... what did you think?!

TIME-OUT: We've solved our problem. My cute mom got to the bottom of why we couldn't find the PN-6 anywhere... I guess the Dad who owned the company died and so now the son runs it and it has a new name. It's called Dr. Christopher's Prenatal Formula. This is supposed to work wonders ladies... I put in my order and am crossing my fingers that it does for me what it did for my Mama! Feel free to throw in your 2 cents if you've taken any of the others though... I really am interested to see if they are similar??


Going Private!!

Many of you read my little message above and have emailed me your emails:) But... for those of you who haven't yet, please do!! We are gonna be switching our blog over to private here in a couple days so make sure to either leave me your email addresses here or feel free to email them to me if you would rather. Thanks guys!!


I'm a Sap... It's Official!

I usually HATE Tuesday nights! Monday has The Bachelor and The City... I know I'm lame... but they definitely make Monday nights better. I never had any shows to look forward to watching as motivation to finish my homework faster... Until NOW! JD works both nights so it's really the only time I turn on the TV and I was so excited tonight when I saw that the Biggest Loser was on AND American Idol. I couldn't decide which one to watch... thank the heavens for DVRs. I started on the Biggest Loser.. and for any of you that watched it, it was at the point when they were all climbing the mountain for immunity and the phone calls. I was doing good and loving the inspiration I was feeling and then BAM. When Tara and the other guy went down to help Danny, who was last and seriously struggling, I just starting bawling! I'm a joke! I pulled myself together but that didn't last long. As soon as they all started talking about calling home to their spouses and kids the tears were streaming once again. That's not all though! I once again was good and thought I had it all together UNTIL Tara gave her phone call to Filipe since she doesn't have a husband or kids at home. And you would have thought the world was ending when I was watching the phone conversations... the one between Blaine and his 'just two weeks away from having her baby wife'...WHEW. That one really got to me! I don't know why my heart is so stinkin' soft lately! Oh wait... who am I kidding?! It's the FOUR pound.. yes she's getting huge!!... bundle of JOY I have doing somersaults in my tummy! Pregnancy is once again nuts. I don't love crying.. I hate crying even MORE when JD is around cause I feel like such a nerd... so there was a plus to him being at work tonight!


Pictures are a girl's best friend....

.....Or they used to be at least! I've realized a lot of different things in the past 7 1/2 months... One thing in particular is that pictures yell it all out loud and clear! It's not that I've been avoiding them though, because I really do feel like once Baby Folsom is here I'll want to look back and see how I changed throughout the whole process. It might even be great motivation to develop a new found love for running, which I absolutely hate I might add, in order to get my pre-prego body back... I just don't have the same relationship with a treadmill that Steph does unfortunately!

Last night, I did manage to get an actual belly shot since I really haven't taken a legit one since I was 16 weeks! And yes, the picture didn't let me down a bit. I kind of notice the baby weight starting to find each curve I have and stickin to it even without pictures.. but they sure do reconfirm that I really do have some of my sanity left:) With that said, here I am, 29 weeks and a couple days.... almost ready for the big 10 week countdown!

Yesterday after work we headed to Park City for JD to get some new work out shoes and I found some cute maternity tops at that Motherhood store... I was stoked! After shopping, we headed down to Salt Lake to hang out with our friends Becca and Justin. We had such a fun time eating pizza, brownies & ice cream... yum!, playing Balderdash... thanks Justin for kicking all our butts! and just visiting forever... the dogs even passed out before we got outta there! Thanks for bein such good sports Ridge and Missy!


Oh the Joys of Pregnancy!

Now before I begin... I don't want to give you the wrong idea. Despite the title, I really do love being pregnant, believe it or not, and really have no major complaints about it all. I have felt great and everything thus far has gone smoothly... There are, however, a few instances that just make me laugh so I thought I'd share!

I've heard from different girls that being pregnant kinda makes them go a little crazy.. maybe lose a few brain cells here and there? Well I'm definitely feelin' this! Two different things happended yesterday to just confirm this for me.

1-I had a breastfeeding class at 12. I got off work early. Picked JD up at the house as soon as he was done with his workout. And off we went. After we were sitting there for a few minutes, I figured I should go check to see if we were supposed to be in some particular room or what the situation was. Turns out the class was at 2. I would have bet my life the lady a couple weeks ago told me it was at noon! So JD went back up to the school to finish up editing his football clips or something and I just headed home to eat before my REAL appointment took place at 2. I would have been ok with this but JD couldn't make it at 2 so I was a little bummed to have to go by myself.

Well, once this happened I just figured it was some sort of crazy incident that happens every now and then. But nooooo. Come dinner time, going crazy occurence number 2 took place.

2-Anyone who knows me knows that cooking is just not my thing. Granted, I really do enjoy it and hope that someday when I can be a stay at home Mom I'll take the time to prepare meals each night. Right now it is just about the last thing I feel like doing after school and work. I would rather eat cereal every meal. (I love that right now.) Anyways, JD wanted to eat some tuna but we were out of mayo so he grabbed this tuna helper box we've had for way too long and said... 'why don't we make this? It'll be easy enough. I'll do the dishes while you make it.'

Fair enough, I started getting the few ingredients I needed out and put it all together on the stove. The timer went off and wala... dinner was made. So we sit down to eat and JD gets out the salt, (he salts most things. I, however, am not a salter.) He begins shakin on the salt... and then he takes a few bites and shakes on a little more. I make some smart allack remark about how that is sometimes seen as rude to the master chef that prepared the meal but I didn't take any offenst to it. He then takes a couple more bites and adds a little more salt. Well we both finished off our plates, he went back for seconds and ended up finishing it all off, and then I go and grab the box to see what sort of nutrients, if any, were in this meal.

As soon as I picked up the box and gave it a little shake, I noticed there was something inside. Immediately I busted out laughing and JD knew something was entirely up. I had totally forgotten to put in the sauce mix packet that had all the alfredo flavoring!!! So we ended up eating noodles doused in water, milk, and butter. That is why JD was using SO MUCH SALT! We laughed for about five minutes straight and couldn't believe how big of a nutcase I really am turning into!!

By the way, how sweet is JD to finish off his plate AND go back for seconds and finish the entire thing!? hahaha. oh man, I am one lucky girl.

Well all of this took place and we just laughed it off, did some homework, watched the national championship football game, and were off to bed. This moring I had a meeting with the professor for my senior seminar class to find out if I was really going to be looking for a job after I graduated or what my plans were so he could help out in any way he could. Obviously he knew I was pregnant and had a pretty good idea that I would just want to take the 'Mom' route for a while.

I just thought it was hilarious when I walked in and this is how the conversation went:

PROF: So I see you're gonna have a little adventure soon.
ME: Yeah! We're pretty excited!
PROF: So when's the big day?
ME: March 25.
PROF: Oh... so you still have a little bit, are you having twins?
ME: ha, nope just one.

It took everything I had to hold in my laughter. I've always read about these things happening to other girls, but never really thought I would experience them. I really didn't think I was that big! hahaha. Granted, I am definitely not a little girl and JD by no means is small either so I guess I shouldn't expect anything different than to pop out a toddler. It did make me feel a little better though when he told me his daughter just had a baby that was 5 pounds 7 ounces. He must be used to just seeing little bellies for little babies. That's what I told myself in order to feel better once I left.

So the joys of pregnancy are ongoing and unsurmountable. I really have loved being pregnant and absolutely love feeling her move nonstop. Putting on shoes might be my least favorite thing to do but JD is a sweetheart and helps me with this anytime he's around. I have about 11 weeks to go and I'm sure they will just be filled with blog worthy experiences! Until next time:)


Pictures Finally!

So here are some of the pictures we've taken lately... I know it's been awhile since you all saw my belly bump... but someday I'll accidentally take one I'm sure! I've noticed lately that I'm starting to seriously sport the double chin... but I'm just gonna have to swallow my pride cause I know how much I love seeing everyone elses ever growing tummies! Baby Folsom is moving like crazy lately and we love it! I can't wait to meet her!!! School started today... my LAST semester EVERRRR! WOO! Just cross your fingers that I can get through it alive!

The only picture we took of Christmas morning!

My husband is THE cutest kid on the block! I captured him strutting around in his new boots right after we were done opening presents... my heck. He just makes my stomach flutter! Such a doll.... It's just a matter of time before our own lil boys are doin the same thing as Daddy!

My darling parents enjoying time at the beach after the big grad day.

My cute Dad at his graduation in Cali.

JD tackling the QB in the Montana game... I just love this picture....haha