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PN-6 / 5W / Gentle Birth

I need some advice!! I've been looking into these herbal things that are supposed to get your body all ready for labor... My Mom swears by PN-6... She had all 4 kids natural and all were SUPER fast and everything went smoothly... but we can't find it anywhere!! Has anyone else used 5W or gentle birth? And if so... what did you think?!

TIME-OUT: We've solved our problem. My cute mom got to the bottom of why we couldn't find the PN-6 anywhere... I guess the Dad who owned the company died and so now the son runs it and it has a new name. It's called Dr. Christopher's Prenatal Formula. This is supposed to work wonders ladies... I put in my order and am crossing my fingers that it does for me what it did for my Mama! Feel free to throw in your 2 cents if you've taken any of the others though... I really am interested to see if they are similar??

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