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Pictures Finally!

So here are some of the pictures we've taken lately... I know it's been awhile since you all saw my belly bump... but someday I'll accidentally take one I'm sure! I've noticed lately that I'm starting to seriously sport the double chin... but I'm just gonna have to swallow my pride cause I know how much I love seeing everyone elses ever growing tummies! Baby Folsom is moving like crazy lately and we love it! I can't wait to meet her!!! School started today... my LAST semester EVERRRR! WOO! Just cross your fingers that I can get through it alive!

The only picture we took of Christmas morning!

My husband is THE cutest kid on the block! I captured him strutting around in his new boots right after we were done opening presents... my heck. He just makes my stomach flutter! Such a doll.... It's just a matter of time before our own lil boys are doin the same thing as Daddy!

My darling parents enjoying time at the beach after the big grad day.

My cute Dad at his graduation in Cali.

JD tackling the QB in the Montana game... I just love this picture....haha


Anonymous said...

love the pictures and i especially love the boots!

Shantay And David said...

You do not have a double chin! It was so good to see you at Alison's reception. You look so cute all pregnant and stuff!

Andrew & Kenzie Smith said...

double chin, WHATEVER! you looked cute at alisons wedding!!!

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

girl get that baggy sweatshirt off and show us that belly!!!! stop it you dont have a double chin!!! looks like you had a great christmas!!! haha and i like JD's cowboy boots ive been looking for some sick ones for rayce :]

Tarisa said...

Those boots are classic. It might be scary if our two husbands got together!!! I hope everything is going awesome for you!