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interview with j-belle

I saw this on a cute blog.... now I can't even remember where but she gave permission to use it so I did just that... here is how the interview went down with jonnie belle. I'm glad I did this... it'll help me remember the funny stage she's in right now. Love her to pieces!


first oklahoma post----- swimmin'

so the summer has come and gone..... almost. and we finally got around to taking the kids swimming! this was knox's first time and he loved it. our friends had us over to their pool so jonnie had a blast playing with her friend the whole time. we waited til 6 pm to go so we didn't all get scorched. it was a lovely time to say the least. hopefully we can go a few more times in the next couple weeks!
and this is a sky that rained 10 minutes after we got home:) whew.


we made it!

i know..... i haven't even done an update since we moved out here to oklahoma. well--- just so you know, we made it! ha. we love our little home here and finally feel like it's just that. i took some before pictures, but have yet to get the afters so that post will be next i'm sure. JD just has one more week til he starts vet school and we never see him {or so they tell me}. we are just trying to get everything done and organized so life can be easy breezy once the real fun starts for him. hope all are well back home. we miss everyone and can't wait for you to come visit!