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Chaps... love at first sight

One thing I've learned since being up here in Montana is that Jonnie and JD are twins in many more ways than just their looks. Today JD finished up making Jonnie her first pair or chaps and boy was it love at first sight! Grandma took us into town and got her some levis and a cowboy T to go with them and it was like Jonnie was FINALLY dressed in her element. We weren't gonna get her a hat cause she always puts them on and two seconds later rips it off... but for some reason she fell in love with a little pink hat and wouldn't leave the store without it. In fact we tried her outfit on and when we took her up to the register we just had to rip the tags off cause Jonnie wasn't about to take anything off! She is somethin' else... that's for sure! A cowgirl through and through. The second she wakes up, she's saying 'horse..horse..mmmghmmm' {her horse noise if you couldn't tell.} She is loving every minute up here... and really, who could blame her?! We had fun taking her out to look at the puppies and decided to make it a little photoshoot.

{JD is so crafty with leather.. he amazes me.. anyone need anything leather.. let me know..saddles included. He has orders every time we come up to Montana... I could just add you to the list!}


Country Girl

Jonnie is such a country girl... just like her Daddy. Since pictures speak a thousand words.... I'll let them do the talking:)