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just cause i think she's cute

Here are some random Jonnie shots just cause I think she's kinda cute! Never a dull moment with this little one:]

classic. saggy diaper and all.

if it doesn't get all over the place...it doesn't belong in your face.

spiky hair after bath time.

our child has a fetish with dangerous things like chords.

her scary face....just in time for halloween!


daddy & daughter first

Last weekend we went to the Brad Paisley/Dierks Bentley concert in West Palm Beach and it was a BLAST! Even though JD loves his country music, he'd never been to a concert so it was super fun to finally get him out to one!

{Love her rolls!}
All my cowboy attire is still in storage back in Utah... so we hit up Griff's and I found some WAY cute boots that were on sale and a hat that is ranch/rodeo worthy... JD is very picky when it comes to cowboy stuff... he would NOT let me just get a cute hat.... he said those are for city slickers (which I still sort of am... but he SO is not)... so I went ahead and got the real deal boots AND hat so I don't embarrass him when we go to cowboy stuff. Jonnie got to sport the new boots that Grandma and Grandpa Folsom sent her this past week and we got her some cute wrangler bootie shorts to go with em!

JD's agent hooked us up with the tickets so we were in the seat section and super close which was so fun! I was way nervous to take Jonnie... but definitely would have been more nervous leaving her for such a long time since the concert was an hour away... She loved it though! Even slept for a bit and woke up just in time to dance with her Mama. All in all.. it was such a fun night and we were so glad we got to go!

{She was lovin' Brad... she didn't even wanna take her eyes off for a picture!}


officially on the move....

Jonnie is on the go! It seems like in just the last couple days she has grown up SO much! She has gotten the crawling stuff all figured out... along with feeding herself puffs.... AND discovered how fun opening the bathroom drawers are.... dangit. She also found the tile in the kitchen and loves it... which makes me super nervous since she is still a little Bambi-like when she's standing and such. And last but not least... she is our little rockstar baby! She's getting this raspy scream down pretty dang good and does it whenever she's in a really good mood... it's too funny. Every once in a while she'll get on her hands and feet... kinda looks like a 3 point stance... and it is hilarious. I finally got it captured on film so we had quite the photoshoot this morning while Daddy was at work! She seems to have figured out the 'hurdler stretch' in the process as well... Wow so many new things!! Well JD's just about home... so we've gotta get our swimmin' suits on cause we're hittin' up the pool! Can't wait for the weekend!!