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Christmas Wrap-Up

I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone! We had a wonderful time this year spending lots of time with family and enjoying the holidays with those we love so much. It was my parents' year to have us for Christmas so we started there early. My Dad graduated from his master's program through the naval academy in California on the 19th so JD and I spent that whole week before Christmas at their house watching Haley & Dutch... We had many fun times but holy cow... I definitly gained a much deeper appreciation for all that my Mom does for her kids! It also gave us a good insight of what life will be like once we have tiny tots of our own... one word...NUTS. That's what it will be! haha.

Once my parents got home from Cali, JD and I worked Monday and Tuesday of Christmas week and then headed over to my parents' house for all the festivities. We were there from Tuesday til Sunday and did so much fun stuff! We went sledding a couple times, hit up Winder Dairy for hot cocoa and scones, saw some movies, played TONS of cards and games, ate loads of goodies and Mom's delicious Christmas dinner, and watched some hilarious old home videos. I absolutely love spending time with my family and it made it even more fun that my Aunt Mary got to come and hang out with us for the entire week! It was so much fun having her up here!

Christmas was magical as always... even though JD and I decided not to go overboard since Baby's arrival will be here before we know it! Our big present that we got from both of our parents was a video camera that we definitely wanted to get before she gets here. JD also got me some of the luxery baby items I've been wanting like a new rocking chair glider. I can't wait to use it! These pregnancy hormones are really taking their toll on me... once those tears get to flowing I just can't make them stop! I thought I would be ok Christmas morning until we opened up my Grandma Lines' present and card she sent us. Wish she could have been up here with us! The tears disappeard for a little bit and came right back when we opened the little note that Dutcher wrote to us and wrapped up. He's such a sweet boy.. I can't believe how big him and Haley are getting! I think what made Christmas morning the most exciting though was when Dutcher opened the present we got him... a nice BYU football autographed and addressed to Dutch by Austin Collie. He sorta went nuts when he opened it and we loved it! Good thing we're still in college and have some BYU connections to work with... Dutch is definitely a BYU super fan.. and Austin Collie is by far his favorite player on the team. I was excited we could do that for him this year.

I love love love the feeling of Christmas and all the fun and laughter it brings into our homes. Once our adventures were finished up there, we packed our bags and headed to the ranch in Montana where we'll be until Saturday! It has been fun to keep the festivities going up here... starting with some present opening when we arrived.. and leading to some sweet bowling games last night where I got my high score! JD still beat me.. but holy smokes... I think the bowling ball I have in my tummy is what made all the difference! Maybe Baby Folsom will be a natural... she's definitely good luck to her Mama! The Folsom family is full of big time bowlers.. it took all I had to just keep up!

The boys are all out sorting the horses and I might just buck up and go out there myself. I'm really not a 'cold' lover and it is cold out there to say the least. Last night there was a ginormous wind storm and it was so scary! Today the sun is shining and it's super clear so I better take advantage of it!

I love the holidays to say the least and the time we get to spend with family is definitely priceless. I have felt so blessed this Christmas season and feel so grateful for the Gospel and the birth of our Savior. Each year is filled with so many new adventure and somehow each year continues to get better and better. I can't wait to see what 2009 will bring!

Pictures will come once we get home... the internet connection is too slow so it just brings up an error when I try here!

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The Birch Family said...

I miss talking with ya. I need to come to Utah soon so we can chat. I hear ya with the hormones. I wish I was as far a long as you are. It seems like I have an eternity left and I just keep getting bigger and bigger. I am afraid to see what I'll look like in May. That reminds me...you need to post some prego pics!!!
What a fun Holiday Break you guys have had. I'll call you when I am in town for more than a few minutes and we can go to lunch or something!