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Hang-outs & Superbowl Fun

This weekend we had some fun! Friday night we headed down to Salt Lake and hung out with our friends Derek and Sarah and their super cute boy Brody. He's eight months old and cute as ever... I should stay away from tiny tots.. it just makes the wait go that much slower!! Well anyways, I ate way too much at the Texas Roadhouse then we just visited and stayed up til the wee hours of the night.
(Probably why we look so darn cute in this picture... it was taken just before we left.. we look gigantic and JD made it worse by standing on his toes, what a punk)...

Saturday JD got home from work around 1 and we did some homework then headed to the Temple. As always, the session was just what we needed and I'm so glad we went. That night we went to the Weber State basketball game cause Haley danced at half-time... and did SO good by the way... then we got ice cream and headed down to Centerville for a slumber party at my parents' house!

Sunday, after church, my Mom made some yummy superbowl grub and we had a great time just being together and cheering on the Cards... too bad they couldn't pull it off!!! Needless to say, it was such a nice weekend and just what we needed before another busy week of school and work.

Baby Update:
I am now 33 weeks along and still feeling great! Baby Girl is still punching and nudging me any chance she gets and I love it even more every day. We are so anxious for her to come we can hardly stand it!

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mindy said...

AS ALWAYS...you & your belly are SO stinkin cute! i love it! my sister & sisterinlaw are both prego & i can't wait till they are showing! how exciting!!!

you look great girl!