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Washington State & Weekend at the Ranch

I've been super blog lazy lately... but last week we headed up to Pullman for JD's Vet School interview at Washington State. He feels like it went as well as it could have so we're just playing the waiting game for about another week til we hear whether or not he got accepted. He is SO anxious!! He has put so much time and hard work into this whole process and I am so proud of him. We took a tour at the school and saw all the facilities and everything. It was the cutest thing. He was so excited. It was probably equivalent to how I'll feel when I take the hospital tour around Mckay Dee on the 28th!! haha.

The cute interviewee once he got back from the hotel to pick me up for the tour.

Once we were finished up at WSU, we headed back to the Ranch to hang out with JD's family. It's always so nice and relaxing there. Perfect place to just get away for the weekend. We had quite the adventures driving that's for sure. Let's just say we went about 80 miles with the gas light on in the middle of mountain roads and about 28 once the jeep said ZERO miles til empty. We are SURE we were being watched over that night. It was such a testimony builder for me especially. There are so many exciting things going on in life right now... these next couple months will unfold a lot of different things!
JD pulled a fast one when I was helpin' Mom Folsom make fried rice and egg rolls... MMM:)

I'm 35 weeks and definitely feelin' it! My bladder can no longer make it through the night... sometimes I'm up 4 different times. It's awesome! Baby girl is measuring 9 days ahead so I'm sure she's feelin' a little squished... Maybe she'll come early cause she's so sick of it! Wishful thinking right? We are just so excited to have her!


The Rasmussens said...

sounds like you guys had a good little break! Micah I Can't believe how little you are! You are one of those girls who stays skinny everywhere else just gets a belly! You lucky girl!

joey handbags said...

I can't wait to see your little girl! She's gonna be an adorable little muscular girl, haha!


shellene said...

So fun to play cards and get to spend some time with you guys. Love the "stretchy pants". Let us know when she arrives! Can't wait for pictures!

ThE dAvIs FaMiLy said...

YoU aRe SO cUtE!!

britney said...

Dont worry! Ive boxed your "package" up. Now I just have to make it to the post office. Hopefully it will get there in time for the arrival!

shellene said...

Micah - In response to JD saying me and Mary are exactly the same: Once we walked into a store together and a clerk said (pointing back and forth between us)... You'z betta take a good look at herz. Cuz you'z is gonna be herz when you done grown up!

It's been a favorite saying of ours the past few years. And besides, what's so wrong wit dat? Dat's all I'm axein!

chelsea said...

Seeing how you haven't blogged since the 18th you have had your baby! If not then your post is way cute and I'm glad you guys didnt run out of gas in the mountains! Good luck to JD!