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Beach / Bows / & Babylicious

Saturday, Jonnie and I headed to the beach with the Schumers and Snyders. JD was at football so he had to miss out on all the fun.... It was just what we needed! Jonnie loved hanging out on Jake's air mattress {thanks for sharing} and couldn't get enough of the water. We ended our little afternoon getaway with the yummiest sandwiches I've ever had... Fire{something I can't remember!} Subs.
This is a HUGE step in the right direction for me.... Up until yesterday, I don't think I had ever done a craft... EVER. Thanks to miss Molly {craft woman of the century}, I learned how to make cute little {and big} bows for Jonnie's headbands. Here is the proof! Not bad for a first timer eh?

Now for the good stuff... JONNIE! What a hunka hunka burnin' love this girl is! She has definitely found her toes and is loving sucking on them! {delicious right?} It's too funny to make her stop... so we grab the camera instead! {Thanks Mal!} I just love hanging out with this little chicka all day, everyday, and am SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED:] Every night when we're going to sleep... I say to myself... 'ohh she is the sweetest thing'. She's my little chunky monkey, cutest gas filled {even in the silence of relief society}, cuddle bug that ever was!

Such an unnatural pose for a little one! haha... She was in the middle of doing some crazy arm movement when Mal caught her with it stuck straight out to the side. Funny woman.


Justin and Toshi said...

She is a cutie! You will have to teach me how to make those bows - I love them!

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

aww she is too cute! i have those same onesies for saylor and i just love them! especially the lil giraffe one :] so cute on a baby girl! too bad you dont live closer, i would teach you how to make ALL KINDS of bows!!! its definitely my hobby/obsession! ps sooo jealous you can just up and go to the beach! boo! :]

Megh said...

I love reading all your updates! It sounds like Florida is treating you well. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed for you this weekend, and look forward to more news! And Jonnie is SO DARLING! I'm so sad we've still never met her in person!

missy. said...

hun she is beautiful! you are so lucky!