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Dolphins VS Panthers

The Dolphins are now 2-0 after beating the Panthers on Saturday. JD was supposed to play linebacker the entire 4th quarter but since the defense was already in when 4th quarter came around... he only played the last 8 minutes or so. He did well though while he was in and made a couple tackles:] The game was fun and we kicked it off with a nice tailgate party with some of our friends! Now we are just waiting to see what is gonna happen! They are really deep in the linebacker position so if JD even gets put on practice squad we will be super happy! They keep 53 on the active roster... then 8 extra guys on the practice squad. If someone gets injured on the Dolphins or any other team, JD could be moved to the active roster to replace them. That's how that works... I always thought the practice squad was like a whole separate scout team or something.... but nope... just 8 extra guys. Next, they head to Tampa Bay Thursday to play the Buccaneers. Things are going well out here in Florida.... Jonnie just discovered 'the scoot' yesterday and I get a kick outta watching her actually start one place and end up another....without rolling! She is getting so big! Here are some pics from Saturday's game. Jonnie took a little cat nap so she was ready to cheer on Daddy the entire game!
Running out.
Jonnie's sporting her new bow that Molly made for her little outfit:] So cute!
I think he was looking for us... we must not have been loud and crazy enough for him to find us right away!
Getting ready for special teams.
Folsom with an assist:] He had a really nice open field solo tackle but we didn't catch that one on film!
The games are a lotta fun... but they are longggg for Jonnie! We'll know for sure what's going on Sept. 6th so just a couple more weeks of living in limbo! WOO!


Josh & Maddi Andersen said...

MIcah I love Jonnies little outfit and bow. It is so cute! It looks like you guys are having fun!! Josh and I were talking the other day and we should plan a cruise or something together when the boys are done with football season! We could drive down and go to the Bahamas or something!! Would you guys want to?

cosyfolsom said...

Nice new page!:) looks like your all having fun...i wish i was down there!

The Rasmussens said...

I hope things go well for you guys! That's so exciting! I can't believe how big your little girl is getting! LOVE her outfit and little bow! Makes me baby hungry haha.

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

haha i love her dolphins outfit!!! sooo cute! isnt it sad how fast they grow up? saylor just started to scoot a lil bit but she's really chubby and fat {more to love of course :]} so i dont know if she'll be crawling soon. it must be so fun living in florida! and by a beach i might add. so jealous! :] i love all jonnie's videos so cute

MichelleY said...

How fun for you guys...what a cool experience! Jonnie makes the cutest cheerleader ever! I can't believe how old she is getting already...she is too cute, and so is your new haircut. Good luck J.D.... hope everything works out for him .