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First Pre-Season Game

I'll just start off by saying it was SO MUCH FUN! JD had his first NFL game on Monday the 17th and I was so glad I was able to be there for it! The rookies generally get in the 2nd half.. so he played a tiny bit of special teams in the 3rd quarter and then linebacker and more special teams all of the 4th quarter. He did great and even had an interception! WOO! It was sweet! His next game is on Saturday so hopefully that goes well! Of course the coaches still want to win, so if we have a better lead this time the rookies should be able to get in sooner and get more reps. Cross your fingers that that is the case cause JD needs to show them he can play special teams! Probably his ticket onto the team since he is still smaller than they like their linebackers to be. He has put on 11 pounds since he came out in the summer but the other linebackers are still at least 15 pounds heavier than him! Some big dudes! But things are going well overall. He is just in training camp for another week so that's nice. Jonnie and I are staying with our friends that we met in the ward, the Schumers. We are SO GRATEFUL to them for letting us stay! JD still has to be in the hotel with all the players and there are 'no wives (and babies) allowed'. LAME. Mallory got some great pictures on her super nice camera from the game... but until I get those, here are some shots that I got on mine:]
Jonnie with Jennifer, one of the other rookie linebacker's wife.
Just being pretty dang cute... waiting for Daddy's game to start!
Running out for warm-ups... woo!

We made JD a sign from Jonnie that said... '#59.. Daddy's time to shine!!' and shine he did!
Oh yeah... I chopped my hair off right before we came back out to Florida... longer hair and humidity are horrid!
JD said it was sweet running through the tunnel and big blow-up thing.... oh and probably all the babe cheerleaders too:] This game had a little bit bigger crowd than all the Weber games.. haha


Heidi McLeod said...

AWWW HOW FUN! Good luck to JD on Sat's game. We need to get together now that you are back!

Molly said...

It was so exciting actually cheering for an individual on a game again! Go J.D.!! We'll be there cheering on Saturday too! Oh, and maybe we'll have to make another sign!!???

Molly said...

P.S. You guys are more than welcome to stay at our house as well! We're gone pretty much all day, so Tinkers would love the company (and I would too!)

Shalese and Cody said...

oh Micah, that is so fun! What a great experience this is. Jonnie looks adorable. Very cute outfits! Miss you in the ward and being my visiting teacher. Take care!

Walkers said...

how fun!
so exciting that you guys get to go on this adventure together!!!

LOVE the hair! Jonnie is getting so big too!!

missy. said...

girl that is so exciting! i love jonnies little dolphins outfit. so cute.