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Pics for Game Post

Alright here are tons of pics from JD's first game to go along with the post below this... Can't wait for game #2 tomorrow!! Go 59! Oh yeah... did you see that Flo Rida came out to support JD as well?! How sweet of him! haha


The Birch Family said...

It was so good seeing you and Jonnie. I love her Dolphin outfit, too cute. How fun and exciting for you guys.

Allen and Suzie said...

Your hair is way cute. I love Jonnie's Dress, she is so adorable. Remember in high school when they tell you to write out your five year plan... did you ever plan that you would marry a NFL superstar and have the cutest baby girl and live in Florida? So fun, keep updating we love to hear about your adventure.

Brian and Liesl Garner said...

Wow that must be crazy to watch him out there! But definitely awesome:) Nice of Flor rida to come represent as well. Haha.

And yes you are right... i did suffer while he was gone! haha. But I know Brian was really happy he got to see you guys, so I am too :) Wish i could have gone!

P.S. Jonnie is absolutely adorable in that dress. I love her little smile... so cute!

Anonymous said...

how fun and good luck to him!

p.s. i LOVE that cute little cheerleader outfit on jonnie! darling!

Shantay And David said...

Wow! That is really neat the see JD in the uniform and playing on that field. I'm so happy for you guys. Jonnie looks so cute in that cheerleader uniform too. And your hair is so cute. What a cute family you guys are!!