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last friday was the hairpin branding. jonnie L.O.V.E.D. every minute of it. she just wanted to get in on all the action and it was pretty tough keepin' her out of it. these are just some pictures i snapped while knox man was snoozin'. i'll bet by the next branding jonnie will be up on her horse and roping all those calves right along with them. this time, the dummy calf had to suffice:)


Robert Hales said...

She is tooo cute! JD looks happy too. I'm glad things are going so well for you & the fam!

Daren and Andrea said...

I love it. Am I allowed to be jealous of Jonnie? I want in on the fun!!

Suzie Bishop said...

That girl has the life. Karlee would LOVE to play outside all day and do things like this. The best part... is how stinkin cute she looks doing it. Her chaps (is that what they are called?) are adorable.