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we were hanging out in utah last weekend.... we went down for jd's cousin's wedding and it was beautiful! i always love weddings. they remind me of mine and JD's wedding day and why i fell in love with him in the first place. we had fun spending time with family who we don't get to see nearly enough and i even got to take some pictures so i, of course, loved that! jonnie had a blast playing with friends. there was a little girl just a couple months older than her on our cousin's other side of the family and jonnie and her turned into little besties within minutes. i also had a family photo session one of the nights... it was one of my college volleyball coaches and her cute family so i brought along jd and the kids so we could all catch up. jonnie was in heaven. she LOVES kids. i snagged some cute photos of her and brynlee at the session while they were playing.... i get a kick outta them! all in all, it was a wonderful, much needed getaway weekend:)

 starting to tip over......
 .....going down.......
.... and kerboom! they look cute even when they're falling!

and from the wedding
waiting for elsa & brian to come out of the temple 
jonnie with her lil bestie claire
 she meandered through the crowd and made sure she gave elsa a big hug! so cute.
 latest family photo. i can't believe there are FOUR of us.
 getting ready for her big day:)
our kidlets at the wedding luncheon
 loving her candy stash at the reception--- making grandma chase after her.


Shantay And David said...

I love your family photo!! So cute.

MichelleY said...

Your little family is so cute! Hope you guys are getting settled into the new house, how exciting! Can't believe you already look so good and you JUST HAD A BABY!!