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2nd child

 the culprit:
and the innocent victim:
i'm SO glad that jonnie is the big sister and knox is the little guy. i think i would feel a lot worse if a big brother was picking on my poor innocent 3 month old baby girl. don't get me wrong... i still feel bad--- but at least little boys are innately tougher... hopefully? jonnie definitely has her moments when she just wants to tease him or she just does things that she doesn't understand she's not supposed to. there have been lots of those lately. i figured i better write them here so i could tell her about them later when she might not believe me.

-if i lay knox on the floor, i have to be super careful cause whenever he is down, jonnie walks up to him and says 'jump knox?' umm.... NO! 
-she just recently started squeezing his face and getting really frustrated and saying 'look at me knox!'... this is what was happening in the pictures below. 
-sometimes she'll walk up to him and give him a big 'RAWWWR' to see if it'll make him jump. 
-whenever she's eating something, she always wants to share with knox... i gotta keep a close eye on her when she has snacks! she'll offer and put the food by his lips then look at me and say--- only mama's milk? YES. and she'll laugh and say 'okayyyy'. stinker!
-and she MIGHT have pushed knox off the couch once. yeah-- that was awesome!

 mom---- put down the camera and HELP!
luckily, he's a fast forgiver:)

i realize this makes me sound like an awesome mom.... i swear i watch my kids! it's just sometimes i need to run and do something around the house without lugging the babe around. i've learned my lesson, i try to have jonnie come with me now so she isn't left alone with knox. that's when all the magic happens!

88% of the time jonnie is a SUPER sweet big sister and loves knox to death. and then there is that other 12% when she's a little rough. we're working on that... but i realize it's sort of what we signed up for when we had them 2 years apart. she talks so well that we forget sometimes how young she really is.

on a side note, have i mentioned lately how much i love hanging out with these two? i might have some of the coolest kids around. jonnie is a go go go type girl--- has been since she was born! and knox is just cool as a cucumber. i LOVE it! and i think they will be best buds in the next couple years since they are so different. we'll see--- but i can't wait for them to be able to play:)


Suzie Bishop said...

sounds like mine.
Karlee likes to get her little stroller and run zane over if he is on the floor. The she yells... CRASH and laughs.

Or she sneaks up to him when he is sleeping and yells raawrrr and he jumps and cries.

She does like to snuggle up next to him sometimes too ... and he makes sure he gets his revenge and latches on to her hair and pulls like you wouldn't believe.
So... all in all... they learn to fight back. He will survive.

ThE dAvIs FaMiLy said...

This is EXACTLY what goes on in my house EVERY day! Except, guess what??? The poor little one being picked on..... our sweet little girl....As I type he is screaming in her face and giving her an entirely too rough smooch! Knox will grow to love it im sure, and he is such a little stud! I love his smile!

Jana said...

oh man goin through all this too!!! i feel so bad because i always want to tell luke you never got hit when you were 3 months old!! its a good thing they dont rememeber anything from this age right?

missy. said...

well they sure are super cute! i love knox's smile.

{irene} said...

hi there! thanks for your comment! you have adorable kids!!!:)

Justin and Toshi said...

I know just how you feel! The same stuff goes on in my house...but now Luke can crawl after Taija so she thinks he is big enough to do everything she does (like climb the stairs)!