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Jonnie is TWO

So I'm a couple days late... but that doesn't mean we didn't celebrate Jonnie's b-day three different times! That means three times eating cake which was FAB. She loved blowing out the candles so she did that at least twice each time. She's pretty dang good at it now. I'm kind of a slacker and only took pictures the first party we had down in UT with my family. I just totally spaced grabbing my camera when we did her b-day stuff up in Montana. All I can say is Jonnie is definitely the life of the party and I can't imagine our lives without her! She is my little best friend and I love her to bits. I know she will be the best big sister and definitely Mama's big helper once the baby comes.

And just for my sake so I can look back on this when the little guy is two, right now she is doing these things:

-loves singing twinkle twinkle, the ABC's (not quite all correctly), and rockabye don't you cry.
-counts to eleven by herself and to twenty if you give her a few helpsies.
-miss independent through and through. (she often just checks to see if i'm around but wants to do EVERYTHING on by herself)
-jumps off everything she can... no matter how high it is which is scary.
-knows her colors 98% of the time---red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple
-started sleeping in her big girl twin but wakes up at about 4 and calls to see where i am.
-still has days where she's not that interested in food but can't get enough apple juice.
-takes off her diaper any chance she can to pee pee in the potty and then loves to run around naked. (this is my fault-- i had a break down when she would pee in her panties and gave up on potty training til she just decides she wants to do it gung ho)
-loves to be chased and wrestle around with daddy and uncles.
-loves dancing and hanging out with haley and her friends (she feels like such a big girl when she does.. it's the cutest thing when she just feels like one of the girls)
-still LOVES horses (taco & blue) and cows and babies. i can't wait to see how she is with little brother.

her favorite picture face. and i love it.
 checkin out the time on her cute new watch.
 showing off her dance moves in the leo haley got her. 
haley and gramps enjoying the party & sporting their cute hats.
just bein silly and laying on her new comfy pillow with her tissue paper blanket she concocted. 
Happy 2nd B-Day Sweet Girl!!


missy. said...

look at how big she is! i can't believe you are prego with number 2! it seems like everyone is prego right now. can't wait to see the new little one!

Malerie said...

i love that silly face she makes in all her pictures!! so cute!

happy birthday jonnie!

Suzie Bishop said...

She has got to be one the happiest little people... I still have never met her but she just looks that way in pictures! I love the pic of her in her ballerina outfit thing!

Mrs. Hansen said...

I am glad you found me on here! Jonnie is such a doll! She sounds so much like Myka, we should get them together sometime for a playdate if you are ever in the area!